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Launch of the <A+> Alliance Website

The on the occasion of Ada Lovelace Day, 8 October 2019, which commemorates the first computer programmer, brilliant mathematician and technology visionary Ada Lovelace, Women@theTable and Ciudadania Inteligente are super excited to launch a new website and a media campaign dedicated to the <A+> Alliance for Affirmative Action for Algorithms. Because we can either seize the moment to correct bias in the digital realm, as we tackle bias in the analog world, or condemn ourselves to old bias baked into the future century of Automated Decision-Making (ADM) that is trained by machine learning on biased data sets.

The website launches in three languages English, Spanish and Portugese, and is designed by Women@theTable's wonderful partners in this important journey: Ciudadania Inteligente headquartered in Santiago, Chile and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Join us at

Or download and share the <A+> Declaration:

Or read our Position Paper

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