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A World Shaped by One Million Adas - our OpenDemocracy OpEd for Ada Lovelace Day

A World shaped by one million Adas

Read the <A+> Alliance Op Ed penned for Ada Lovelace Day by <A+> Advisory Board members Renata Avila, Co-Founder <A+> Alliance, Stanford University Race and Technology Fellow; Nuria Oliver, Commissioner for the President of the Valencian Region in Spain on AI and Data Science against COVID-19 and Co-Founder and Vice-President of ELLIS, the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems; Nanjira Sambuli, Ford Global Fellow, Ford Foundation; Elisa Celis, Professor Statistics & Data Science, Co-founder, Yale’s Computation and Society Initiative, and Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Co-Founder <A+> Alliance and Women at the Table.

It is imperative that we systematically expand opportunities for women to solve large-scale social problems by enlarging who is included in the problem definition and solution design of cutting-edge technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence.

Today in the midst of multiple global social and economic crises and a pandemic, we honour Ada Lovelace – tech visionary and Victorian badass – in order to celebrate and spur more numbers and different numbers of women designing the technologies of our future.

Our proposal is reasonable and possible to pilot: open the room and seat women and girls at your COVID-19 table where you are deciding the next tech interventions, including AI interventions, to solve the current crises. Test a participatory model. See the difference it makes in the outcomes that create the collective future we deserve. See and seize women and girls’ potential. Repeat the process again and again. Once a space for innovative thinking is opened, the world will see one million Adas emerge. But only if an ecosystem for their ideas to flourish is created now.

In the next months, the world’s leaders will take important steps to address the converging crises: from allocating millions in economic relief funds to investing in new health systems.​... Many of the investments and infrastructures of the future will have tech solutions at their core, so embedding affirmative actions at all stages of the processes now is imperative.

A world shaped by one million Adas

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