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Salon series in conjunction w/ The Future She Deserves

Women@TheTable is delighted to partner with The Future She Deserves on a series of interactive salons and working lunches to explore new ways forward to more girls, more women, more seats, more strong voices at the table.

Why?  International Geneva is home to a deep strategic resource of global policy makers, international organizations, and civil society.  We'd like to harness the engaged, and their creativity and expertise  in a multi-disciplinary, silo bending exercise to help problem solve and collaborate on tangible, more effective, and new movement forward for women + girls’ equality.

The interactive salons will use catalytic questioning to pinpoint strategic opportunities, identify and deconstruct obstacles, share cross-disciplinary insight and tactics, and create a space for engaged experts to think out loud creatively, strategize, collaborate and act.

Decision makers, policy makers, negotiators, diplomats, international organizations, business community, academics, thinkers and leading members of civil society from all disciplines are invited to engage with us in this exercise.   Join us !

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