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C'est la rentrée !

a few notes on a few activities

C'est la rentrée! We're revving up!

The fall season has not yet officially begun but we're getting excited!

On the docket:

International Gender Champions

Planning to have more Impact from our Impact Groups!

A September 1 afternoon Salon at the US Mission for all IGGC Focal Points to deliberate on Commitments 2.0

followed by celebration and drinks Reception

A Evening out at the Theatre with Crimes of the Heart 29 September

A screening of Suffragette followed by a Panel on Women and Politics 6 October

A viewing of TEDxWomen 28 October

The Annual Champions Dinner 2 November

Preparations for our first Annual Report

and of course our Impact Group meetings and famous Brown Bag

AWID and a visit to Bahia and Brazil

We are delighted to be going to the quadrennial meeting of AWID and its gathering of 2,000 feminists from around the globe in early September. We're sure to come back inspired and ready to connect the amazing women we've met to our community here.

WTO Public Forum

Women@theTable is thrilled to be the organizer with the Global Social Observatory

of a Panel during the WTO Public Forum on 28 September

Women’s Economic Empowerment and Trade: Contributing to the Deliberations and Recommendations of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment.

Stay tuned for news on the panel and the HLP recommendations.

And be sure to visit us in the Atrium of the WTO Public Forum where we will be featured as an NGO that deals with Women & Trade

The launch of International Gender Champions in New York !

Second week of October. Watch this space. Thrilling!

Global Women in Health, Global Health Initiative Graduate Institute, Gender Champions

All day convening of Missions, NGOs and International Organizations concerned with Health. 14 October at the Graduate Institute. Our first serious convening to see how we can influence governing bodies and assemblies on the issue of gender.

Michael Kimmel Series

And to start the festive season, we are bringing Michael Kimmel to Geneva for a series of Salons and Public Events AND Workshops at the end November/beginning December to jumpstart a conversation on masculinity and power in the 21st century.

More later,

there is much much more; but we wanted to share a bit of what we will be up to in the fall...

love, w@tt

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