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COVID-19 work & Women at the Table

COVID-19 work & Women at the Table

As we wish you and your families, friends and loved ones health and safety during this global experience of COVID-19. This unexpected event has necessitated a complete pause to business as usual. And suddenly on hold, we have the time to reflect on what we want the world to look like.

Combining the fierce urgency of now with the equally urgent knowledge that the systems, all the systems, that have brought us here are broken, we wish to nourish the space not to focus on what is wrong or broken, or to quickly fixing the broken, but to imagining what a fair and inclusive system that works for everyone might look like.

To that end, We are doubling down on our work on systems change....

To that end we are doubling down on our work on systems change, notably work on:

  • Artificial Intelligence, bias, fixes, and new ways of imagining, as it is inevitable now that our use of AI from every corner of the world will accelerate. This acceleration will bring both innovation and unintended consequences that stem from our conceiving our innovation work with a business as usual mentality,
  • Gender Data that has not often enough driven policy decisions, or allocation of resource, from the design of medical trials to Artificial Intelligence,
  • Standards that have not in process or production taken the Diversity of humanity into account, beginning with the PPE we have heard so much about.

We will continue conversations through our

  •  Algorithm 101 work with Policy Makers 
  •  facilitation of a Feminist AI Research Network in formation with the <A+> Alliance and the IDRC 
  • work on The Smart Feminist (and dare we say healthy) City
  • Chairing the BSI, British Standards Institution Expert Group on Diversity and Inclusivity looking at standards through this lens

among our other critical initiatives working on systems change & structural transformation

that will benefit women and girls throughout the world, from fields and settlements to data centres and cities so that we can all thrive in a more just, creative and equitable world.

We will keep you posted here, but until then, please be safe and do keep in touch.


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