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Frontier Tech: Feminist City 3.0

Frontier Tech:

The Feminist City 3.0


Affirmative Action for Algorithms

Women@theTable was delighted to participate in the 13th Symposium on ICT, Environment and Climate Change, on the role of frontier technologies in combating climate change and achieving a circular economy on 13 May in Geneva, an event co-organized by ITU, UN Environment, the Basel Convention, UNIDO, the UN Framework on Climate Change Convention, UNECE, UN Habitat, and UN Women.

On the ‘Frontier Tech: Are we there yet?’ panel, Women@theTable’s Founder and CEO spoke of

Feminist Smart City 3.0 possibilities for co-creation and melding of feminist principles of inclusiveness and accountability, with the re-invention and re-conception of objects and services to create a green circular economy. The necessity to innovate to mitigate, adapt, and survive climate change also gives us an opportunity and an imperative to re-imagine gender and race in enlightened, inclusive ways.

However, in order to accomplish this there is an urgent need to strip bias, both sexist and racist, out of current algorithms and algorithmic thinking that use skewed databases and which by default bake bias in.

Watch this space for Women@theTable's new 'Triple A: Call to Action for Affirmative Action for Algorithms' at the Women in Big Data Conference on 21 June.

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