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Gender Equality Side Event at the Human Rights Council

So pleased with the powerful event we put on jointly between the Geneva Gender Champions, the Power of Empowered Women and Barbershop, ably led by an epic group of staffers and starring:

UK Ambassador Julian Braithwaite

Breaking the Silence actors Katrina Syran and Femi Elofowoju jr with their pieces based on Human Rights Watch researchers words and notes from the field

Baroness Joyce Anelay UK Minister of State

High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein

YWCA Youth Delegation from Canada/Ghana, Myanmar, Brazil and Zimbabwe with their stirring words on inclusion

Sierre Leone Ambassador Yvette Stevens on the Power of Empowered Women's internship initiative for young women from African nations

Iceland Ambassador Martin Elyofsson on the Barbershop Conference

US Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto on Geneva Gender Champions

and heartfelt words from

Afghanistan Ambassador Suraya Dalil

Inter-Parliamentary Union Secretary General Martin Chungong

Australian Ambassador for Women & Girls Natasha Stott Despoja

what a line up! what an afternoon!

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