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Geneva Panel Parity Pledge

Geneva Panel Parity Pledge
Why: Fifty per cent of the population warrants the same visibility as the
other fifty percent. Visibility is key for role models in the public space
and workplace.
Objective: Women’s distinct and expert voices elevated through gender parity on
Outcome: Unique points of view offer 21st century results and sustainable
Impact: A change in culture, and a mind shift.
The Pledge: (a simple one)

We/I, ___________________ support the Geneva Gender Parity Panel Pledge.
The Geneva Gender Parity Panel Pledge is both a concrete process and a thoughtful
internal and external exercise for the conference organizer and potential panelist.
The process should ensure that there is a conversation each time a panel is
composed, and that the process of including high performing dynamic female
experts will eventually become reflexive, rendering the “Geneva Gender Parity
Panel Pledge” obsolete.

The Process:
Every time you organize or participate in a panel, ask yourself
1. What are you doing to ensure gender balance at your event?
2. Are there any women, or equal numbers of women, speaking on the panel/s?
3. (If not), have the organizers reached out to female experts?
4. (If not), can we share our evolving list of dynamic experts in the field that
happen to be women? (This list is composed by the potential panelist/or
organization. It also has the knock on effect of the potential male panelist
championing a number of brilliant and knowledgeable female colleagues.)
5. Are conference organizers exploring the list and issuing invitations to expert women?
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