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Grass roots Academy

Women@theTable co-hosts

the Huairou Commission's Grassroots Academy

Women@theTable is overjoyed to have partnered with the Huairou Commission and welcome frontline women leaders from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vanuatu, Cambodia, Lebanon, Palestine, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Kenya to the Grassroots Academy the Huairou Commission and Action Aid brought to Geneva, and that Women@theTable hosted at the Maison de la Paix.

The pre-conference Grassroots Academy in advance of the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction was conceived to insure grassroots women’s expertise and priorities are visibly recognized and integrated into the agreements and commitments made by institutions and key stakeholder groups during GP2019.

The Grassroots Academy replaces the stereotype of women from poor communities as passive victims with images of their expertise in reducing and managing disaster risks and pressing for resilient, sustainable development.

Women’s bottom-up leadership for an all-of-society approach models constituency driven social demand for safer communities and a commitment to contribute to measurable outcomes through collaboration that can drive innovation and build community. Resilience, pressing for decentralized financial, political and technical resources to deliver results over the long term.

Positioning grassroots women leaders during the GP2019 whether as speakers, moderators,

facilitators, or discussants will also play an instrumental role.

Participating leaders of grassroots women’s groups also take home a better understanding of commitments their national governments have made to realize the Sendai Framework,

and the roles they can play in monitoring and contributing to these plans (nationally and locally),

and strategies their peers use to accomplish similar results in other countries.

All this contributes to stronger advocacy and scaling up of community-led resilience in other global frameworks, such as the SDGs, the Paris Agreement and the New Urban Agenda.

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