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How a 'table' could change the world: UN Special's interview with w@tt's founder

How a 'table' could change the world 
The UN Special article on Women@TheTable's work and our Founder
Caitlin Kraft-Buchman from the March /April 2016 Gender Issue:

Caitlin, you are the Founder and Executive Director of Women@TheTable how did this come to be and where did you find the inspiration for your engagement?
I’ve always been politically active person but when I worked with the Women’s delegation of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ms. Julienne Lusenge at the Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict a thought began to haunt me that only men with guns are invited to sit down at the negotiating tables. Women are rarely invited to sit and actively negotiate peace (even though we know that no peace is sustainable without the participation of women and civil society)… So I thought we needed a vehicle to propel more women to decision-making tables everywhere!

That could be a kitchen table for everyone from the lady selling at the market to the central banker. I think that sometimes we are forgetting that gender is a vertical issue. I also think that if there were more women at the peace making tables we would perhaps have a chance at making peace more sustainable......  

Read the entire article in the March/April 2016 issue of UN Special here:

How a 'table' could change the world

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