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IMPACT GROUPS & our first Brown Bag Lunch

As we work our way towards implementing the all important commitments from the Geneva Gender Champions we have established Impact Groups to discuss best practices and ways forward over and around obstacles.

  • Our first group to meet was the Talent and Development Group co-led by WIPO & WHO, 6 April which dealt with issues of capacity building and training in Geneva.
  • Next, UN SWAP and Human Resources co-led by OHCHR & UNOG with special guest Aparna Mehrota, Senior Advisor on Coordination for the UN's System-wide Action Plan and Focal Point for Women in the UN System, 14 April, addressed opportunities afforded by the UN SWAP and trends.
  • Panels & Delegations led by ITU followed on 19 April dealing with how best to incentivize capitols to send gender balanced delegations, and explored some of the ground breaking work that has been done in this regard by the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
  • The Inaugural Brown Bag lunch co-hosted by Geneva Centre for Security Policy & Women@TheTable with special guest Chris Lomax of the UK Mission,  22 April, dealt with questions on how to construct foreign policy from the bottom up listening to women & grassroots.
  • and International Fora led by the French Mission, with special guest Professor Elisabeth Prügl, Director of the Graduate Institute's Gender Center on 27 April which will explore what gender mainstreaming means in a current context, and ways to more effectively use Assemblies and Councils to address gender equity.
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