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One Million Women Entrepreneurs to Market by 2020

International Trade Centre's Call To Action

Back from Sao Paulo and ITC’s Trailblazers Summit, & Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum (WVEF), September 1, 2 & 3 for which, our Women@TheTable Executive Director served as Executive Producer. 

At the WVEF women vendors from 42 countries, with delegations from India to Costa Rica, Bangladesh to Turkey to Brazil representing Coffee, Services, Information Technology and Gourmet Food gathered, did business, networked, and did more business.

ITC launched its first Tech Challenge, in conjunction with Google; a truly international endeavor with finalists from Costa Rica, Kenya, Thailand and Brazil marked ITC deepening its 21st century digital outreach and impact.

At the Trailblazers Summit, attended by ministers, government officials, executives and civil society we launched our much discussed and painstakingly drafted Call To Action ofOne Million Women Entrepreneurs to Market by 2020.

For the Call To Action, which outlines an ambitious but achievable five year To Do List, Trailblazers focused on 8 results oriented puzzle pieces: Data Collection, Analysis + Dissemination; Trade Policy; Public Procurement;  Corporate Procurement;  Supply Side Constraints;  Financial Services; and Ownership Rights to solve the systemic problems of women’s economic opportunity and ability to enter the marketplace with an even playing field.

Commitments to the Call To Action ranged from Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) anorganization with over 100 Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) and 200 companies from all sectors, representing more than 100,000 businesses and over 10 women’s business associations  committing to support the implementation of all areas of the Call for Action, to ApexBrasil the trade promotion arm of the Brazilian government promising to train 6,000 women entrepreneurs to enter the global marketplace by next year, to  degrees of full commitment focussed on areas of expertise from the InterAmerican Development Bank, Vital Voices, Global Women Entrepreneur Leadership Scorecard sponsored by Dell, Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) International,MAWE (Madhya Pradesh Association of Women Entrepreneurs in India),Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Nigerian Export Promotion Council, BPW Turkey, WeConnect International, UN Global Compact, and the WTO.

Now it's time!  ITC.  Bringing 1 Million Women Entrepreneurs to Market.   #Access1M2M  

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