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Paris Peace Forum: IGC 1 of 10 projects selected as new global governance

International Gender Champions has been selected to be one of ten projects to be supported by the Paris Peace Forum in the coming year!

Gender Equality is the essential ingredient for a resilient (& relevant) democracy for the 21st century.

Among the 121 projects presented (of the 990 submitted) during the Paris Peace Forum 11-13 November,  10 global governance solutions were selected to benefit from a follow-up and a special support for one year by the Paris Peace Forum and its partners.

The International Gender Champions are extremely proud to be one of the ten projects that mark the beginning of this longstanding Global Governance project in the first edition of the Paris Peace Forum.

We will have a significant global impact on the culture of gender equality because we are extremely resourceful in how we come together and act, we are well networked enough to influence the change, and we are determined to achieve our goals by 2030 or sooner.

The other companion projects with International Gender Champions are

  • African Union / EU Youth – African Union Commission
  • Antarctica 2020 – Ocean Unite
  • Climate Resilient Zero-Budget Natural Farming in Andhra Pradesh – Government of Andhra Pradesh
  • Data to Combat Torture – World Justice Project
  • Digital Democracy Charter – Omidyar Network
  • Entreprise et partage de la valeur – Synopia
  • Kumekucha – Green String Network
  • Ranking Digital Rights – New America
  • The World Benchmarking Alliance – Index Initiative
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