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So Much Has Happened…

Since we launched full force in February!

There is The Salon Series held in conjunction with The Future She Deserves, an initiative of the US Mission in Geneva. Our first panel on Women & Leadership in March was an enormous success and has resulted in a wonderful initiative to be announced in June… (more on that if you read on. & there are 4 Salons to follow in 2015.)

Our Women@TheTable: The Cutting Edge panel at Marmalade at the Old Fire Station on the Fringe at Skoll was another unique event that brought together an amazing and powerful group of women change makers : Musimbi Kanyoro, CEO, Global Fund for Women; Meagan Fallone, CEO, The Barefoot College; Jensine Larsen, Founder + CEO, World Pulse; Antonella Notari Vischer, Director, The Womanity Foundation; Sharon Bylenga, Founder, Media Matters for Women; moderated by Women@TheTable’s Founder and Executive Director Caitlin Kraft-Buchman.     (read more below).

The filming of 33 women from conflict zones and 3 Nobel Peace Laureates at the 100th Anniversary of the Women’s International League of Peace & Freedom in The Hague.  

And the DIY Storycorps project at the same event! Short films to follow; links to the Storycorps'.         more below.

Coming soon in June:   the Launch of International Geneva Gender Champions by United Nations in Geneva, and the US Mission to the United Nations in Geneva…..  combined with the Geneva Gender Parity Pledge launched by UNOG, the US Mission, and Women@TheTable.  

Our second Salon, focused entirely on Adolescent Girls’ Health in late June.

Planning for celebration of UN SCR 1325 in the fall… & much more.

Sorry for the radio silence. Read on. Be amazed. We are. Join us!

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