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Some events & projects 2020

EY Ripples Collaboration

Q1 January, February, March

Women at the Table's 'At The Table' project to create an agency for rock start feminists has been

selected by EY as a sustainable enterprise partner & begins work with EY Ripples

to create and model our sustainable 'At The Table' Business Plan.

Our full-time EY consultant has come to us from Chicago to sit in-house in Geneva for January, February, and March 2020.

IGC AI Impact Group

Women at the Table convenes its 1st Algorithms 101 meeting for a new International Gender Champions AI Impact Group to look at the leverage points in International Geneva that can effect inclusive & accountable algorithms.

House of Switzerland, Davos

21-23 January Women at the Table will be at the House of Switzerland during Davos 2020 with their boots on

'At the Table': Feminist Algorithms

In February our podcast At the Table: Feminist Algorithms launches​ in conversation with feminist innovators. Season One will focus on Tech. More here soon.

World Urban Forum

Women at the Table will be at WUF10

the biennial World Urban Forum held this year in Abu Dhabi 8-11 February

(Women at the Table is extremely proud to have been asked to be on UN-Habitat's Gender Assembly Steering Committee)

<AI & Gender>

A Human Rights Toolbox

13 February Lausanne

Women at the Table's first of its kind pilot Workshop

in collaboration with

EPFL's Digital Humanities Institute,

the EPFL Equalities Office, &

the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights' OHCHR Women's Rights & Gender Section


<AI & Gender>: A Human Rights Approach

Open to all EPFL undergraduate + graduate students we hope to share human rights and gender insights with a new generation of computer scientists + engineers.

Gender Gap Application:  g-app software

February - July, Lausanne + Geneva

Courtesy of Credit Suisse, an EPFL Computer Science Masters Student begins full- time with the Credit Suisse volunteer team to launch the next version of our crowd sourced (IUCN, WMO, WIPO, IPU, UN Women)

open source software gender gap application g-app

which will go from beta to launch at IUCN in Marseilles June 2020 at their quadrennial conference in order to measure women's participation & influence at international assemblies

Global Women's Forum 20:

Power of Influence

16-17 February, Dubai

Women at the Table will be on the Plenary Stage at the

Global Women's Forum 20: The Power of Influence

speaking about AI, inclusive algorithms & the 4th Industrial Revolution

Digital Society Initiative, University of Zürich


Women at the Table outreach luncheon with the Digital Society Initiative, University of Zürich on the <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms and pilots going forward.

CSW in New York in March

We will be heading to New York for two and a half full weeks in March for CSW, the Commission on the Status of Women, in this critical Beijing +25 year with many plans to socialize our <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms. Official and unofficial CSW side events, as well as outreach events at

Yale's Computation & Society Initiative, Columbia University, and NYU's gov.lab are being planned.

Watch this space.

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