The New Champions... 
We are delighted that the following Leaders committed themselves and their organizations
at our Launch July 1st at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Michael Møller, Director-General,    UNOG

Pamela Hamamoto,   Ambassador,   United States 

Peter Mauer, President,     ICRC

Sene Bassirou,    Ambassador,    Senegal 

Guy Ryder,    Director-General,     ILO

John Quinn,    Ambassador,     Australia

William Swing,    Director-General,    IOM

Trung Thanh Nguyen,    Ambassador,    Vietnam

António Guterres,    High Commissioner,    UNHCR

Arancha González,    Executive Director,    ITC

Jan Knutsson,    Ambassador,    Sweden

Neil Buhne,    Director,    UNDP

Friis Bach,    Executive Secretary,    UNECE

Peter Sørensen,    Ambassador,    EU

Kaarina Airas,    First Secretary,    Finland

Elayne Gómez,    Ambassador,    Costa Rica

Jan Beagle,   Deputy Executive Director, UNAIDS

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