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w@tt's up since la rentrée

Some of the things we have been up to since la rentrée

Our colleague Julienne Lusenge of the DRC addressed the Human Rights Council

JULIENNE LUSENGE, our colleague from the DRC, addressed the Human Rights Council on free and fair elections and what comes after elections - even if they are free - if women have no power or influence in decision-making.

We launched our Gender-Responsive Assemblies toolkit at a side event at the UN General Assembly

That's Ambassador Jurg Lauber of Switzerland, Ambassador Pennelope Beckles of Trinidad-Tobago, UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, and Inter-Parliamentary Union Secretary General Martin Chungong in the photo @ the UN General Assembly, New York.

Our AGENDA FOR CONCRETE ACTION on GENDER-RESPONSIVE ASSEMBLIES - is extremely exciting, practical, and groundbreaking.

w@tt co-hosted 3 events w/ the World Bank Group on their fundamental Women, Business & the Law 2018

We co-hosted 3 events with the World Bank Group for the Geneva launch of WOMEN, BUSINESS & THE LAW, the World Bank's measurement of gender equality in the law & barriers to participation:

  • a public panel at the Graduate Institute,
  • a briefing at the UN Palais,
  • and a lunch caucus with Ambassadors on how to translate this critical data to action.

w@tt hosted an amazing discussion during the WTO Public Forum on a topic rarely (or ever) discussed at the WTO:


We flew in two extraordinary CEDAW experts: Nicole Ameline of France & Marion Bethel of the Bahamas, plus our wonderful male allies, the World Bank Group's Jos Verbeek, and Canada's Ambassador to the WTO Stephen de Boer for a really dynamic discussion on some tough issues.

We are on the cusp of having a major Declaration on Gender-Responsive Standards

w@tt has come to think of Standards as the matrix: all around us effecting everything we do, even if we are unaware of their existence. Two years into our work we are a month away from a major recommendation from a body of national standards makers (modelled on the IGC Trade Impact Groups's Declaration on Women & Trade) to focus on Gender-Responsive Standards. Next up, the action plan to integrate this work with the international standards bodies headquartered in Geneva in 2019.

we co-created in a major international organization collaboration, and now Credit Suisse & EPFL are coding a tool to measure influence of women in international assemblies

MEASURING WOMEN'S INFLUENCE. Can a simple tool be built? How to visualise & measure women's participation in UN Assemblies? A pipe dream that we are on our way to making a reality.

Teams from IPU, IUCN, WMO, WIPO, UN Women, w@tt, Credit Suisse + EPFL came together to co-create an easy-to-use open source software tool to measure women's influence in public meetings.

The two day Design Workshop was facilitated by Credit Suisse's Innovation Team.

Now Credit Suisse has committed engineers, designer, and EPFL Masters Student to a six month coding and prototyping exercise.

Stay tuned.

We are organising a most amazing convening with a most awesome bunch of feminists on Gender&Cities . 4/5 December here in Geneva

That's Francesca Bria, Chief Technology Officer, Barcelona; Suneeta Dhar, Director, JAGORI, New Delhi; Beth Coleman, Director, City as Sidewalk, Toronto; Renata Avila, Executive Director, ciudadano inteligente, Santiago; Paola Villarreal, Director, Product Engineering, Creative Commons, Mountainview, Ca, in no particular order in the pic.

What do regional and frontline feminists have in common with digital visionaries who are also focused on democracy, inclusion, and transformation?

Check out the website. Gender & Cities

We're hosting a reception @ w@tt with the IGC on 29 October in honor of the CEDAW Experts

We're hosting the reception in order to find ways to innovate and promote deeper, more effective appropriation of CEDAW recommendations. Champions, focal points, and International Gender Gender Community are invited. But rsvp is necessary!

IGC was chosen to be one of the one hundred projects on Global Governance to present at the Paris Peace Forum, which itself is celebrating the 100th anni of the Armistice

Turns out this is a pretty big deal. This forum exists to platform the best global governance ideas and has chosen our International Gender Champions to BE one of the best global governance ideas!
But you already knew that. We sincerely believe gender is one of the most effective means, and a stealth app, for robust, resilient & inclusive democracy in the 21st century.

We joined with Plan International, UNFPA, WHO for an innovative Day of the Girl which included mentorship of two new mentees

that's Jimena Sarmiento, formerly of IPU and CEDAW who just joined w@tt as our new program officer, Léah Khayat our assistant program officer and mentee, and Shreya Rajipuriya, Interpeace intern and mentee.

We participated in the initiative involving mentorship, (you just met our mentee colleagues above), and a high level event at the Palais (led by the young women mentees) to brainstorm new ways to include young women in international fora from every region and socio-economic position. Sincerely: Let young women lead!

AND last but not least,

w@tt received ECOSOC status!

The UN Economic and Social Council. We're an officially recognized Civil Society Organization now, able to make official statements and advocate at the UN and international fora in NY, Geneva, Vienna, Nairobi.

That was what our autumn has been like so far...

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