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w@tt: The Man Box

What are toxic Masculinities? What does it mean to be a man?

The Man Box

In partnership with The Gender Centre, Graduate Institute; Women@TheTable; and International Gender Champions

What are toxic masculinities? What does it mean to be a man? Toughness? Self-sufficiency? Sexual prowess? Aggression?

New research from Promundo shows that the Man Box is alive and well in the US, UK, and Mexico and that rigid ideas of manhood are toxic and harmful to young men, and those around them. Men who adhere to these beliefs are more likely to be depressed, consider suicide, binge drink, drive dangerously and use multiple forms of violence against others.

Beyond young men, we know that toxic masculinities show up in workplaces, boardrooms, parliaments, sports fields, schools, and beyond. Addressing these ideas requires urgent action, and is a key part of achieving equality for women as well as improving men's own lives and the quality of life that both women and men deserve.

  • Introductory remarks by Claire Somerville, Executive Director of the Gender Centre of the Graduate Institute
  • Presentation of the study by the co-author, Promundo President and CEO Gary Barker.

Panel with:

  • H.E. Jorge Lomónaco, Ambassador Permanent Mission of Mexico to the UN Office at Geneva
  • H.E. Kok Jwee Foo, Ambassador Permanent Mission of the Republic of Singapore to the UN Office at Geneva
  • Venkatraman Chandra Mouli, co-director and scientist at the Adolescents and At-Risk Populations Team, Reproductive Health and Research Department, WHO
  • Moderated by Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, CEO/Founder of Women@theTable, co-founder International Gender Champions.

Read the full, recently released report, The Man Box, authored by Promundo – a global leader in promoting gender justice and preventing violence by engaging men and boys in partnership with women and girls – together with Axe, Unilever’s leading male grooming brand.

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