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We bringing Michael Kimmel to Geneva! Lecture Series begins December 1st

Men, Women, Masculinities, Gender Equality & Leadership in the 21st C

“We cannot fully empower women and girls without engaging boys and men. We know this to be true. The question is then, how do we get men engaged in this conversation?” Michael Kimmel, Executive Director, Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities Stony Brook University, Distinguished University Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies.

Men, Gender Equality and Leadership

A 2016-2017 series of lectures, panels and workshops designed to engage male champions and partners in a joint quest for gender equality.

Recent research confirms that gender equality will not be reached without the passionate engagement of men. A report of the UN Secretary-General  states …”gender stereotypes have long been recognized as major impediments to the achievement of gender equality…” and “the transformation of discriminatory social norms and gender stereotypes must be a priority…”1

Clearly, if men are not mobilized the gender equation will not change as urgently or quickly as it must.  However, many men believe that gender equality does not concern them, that gender is just a code word for ‘women’, or believe that sexism in its many forms is a thing of the past or not relevant to their lives.  Men generally do not attend seminars on gender equality.  Stunning reports this year from KPMG, to Harvard, to the US Equal Opportunity Commission point to  ‘diversity’ trainings and programs working in name only. 

How do we jumpstart the conversation about gender, and why gender equality is good for everyone, including men?

Our concept is to bring together particularly powerful men, rarely seen in this constellation or in discussion about this topic to public, semi-public and private spaces in order to have curated thought leadership conversations on gender equality.

In order to attract an audience generally uninterested to these events we will invite Heads of International Organizations, Ambassadors and CEOs of multinational corporations to the stage to speak and engage in a frank conversation designed to break barriers and begin robust dialogue on the urgency and benefits of gender equality for all.

Key to jumpstarting these conversations is Michael Kimmel, our first speaker and moderator in the first of a year long series on Men and Masculinities in Geneva and Switzerland.  Kimmel is among the leading researchers and writers on men and masculinity in the world, and the Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities at Stony Brook University, where he is also Distinguished University Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies. The author of many books, including Manhood in AmericaAngry White Men, and the best seller Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men, he has been an activist for gender equality for more than 30 years, and was recently called "the world's preeminent male feminist" by the Guardian.

Men, Gender Equality and Leadership

December 2016 Schedule

30 November           in collaboration with International Gender Champions and Advance: Women in Swiss Business

a high level invitation only conversation beginning with a 30 minute introduction by Michael Kimmel, and Kimmel moderated panel on Masculinities with 2 CEOs.

Location: Zürich.

1 December              in collaboration with the US Mission and Women@theTable

Invitation only, seated luncheon involving Ambassadors and International Organization Directors, Corporate and NGO heads for an interactive Salon discussing Men and Masculinities featuring Michael Kimmel

Location:  Geneva.  US Mission.  1200 – 1400.

1 December              in collaboration with International Gender Champions, Graduate Institute of Geneva,  US Mission, and Women@theTable

Public event,  30 minute lecture by Kimmel, followed by Panel moderated by Kimmel with male Head of an International Organization based in Geneva,  male CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and a female Ambassador, International Org head or CEO.

Roberto Azevêdo, Director General of the World Trade Organization has accepted the panel invitation.    

Location: Geneva.  Graduate Institute of Geneva, Pictet Auditorium. 1830 -2000.   

2 December             at an International Organization tbd

Morning Workshop for Senior Management.

Location: Geneva.    tbd.  1000 – 12:30  

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