The invitation only Salon Series focuses on Economic Opportunity on September 28,

with partners: Future She Deserves / US Mission,  &  for this special Salon, the World Bank Group

will co-launch with the World Bank's European office the  World Bank Group’s biennial report:

“Women, Business and the Law 2016”,

which offers the latest data on legal and regulatory barriers to women’s entrepreneurship and employment in 173 countries.

Augusto Lopez‐Claros, Director, Global Indicators Group, Development Economics Vice-Presidency,World Bank Group, Washington will present research and findings, then the Salon composed of decision and policy makers, negotiators, diplomats, representatives of international organizations, business community leaders, academics, thinkers and leading members of civil society from all disciplines will embark on the Salon’s trademark Catalytic Questioning exercise designed to stimulate an action-oriented group outcome:

How can the latest data bolster/support the work of International Geneva to break down legal and regulatory barriers to women entrepreneurs and business owners? 

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