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    a growing, global

    gender equality & democracy

    CSO based in Geneva, Switzerland


    focused on advancing feminist systems change

    by using the prism of technology, innovation & AI


    exercising leverage points in

    technology, the economy, sustainability & democratic governance.



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    <A+> Alliance is leadership of the Action Coalition for Technology & Innovation for Generation Equality

    w/ Government of Armenia, Government of Chile, Digital Grassroots, Government of Finland, the Global Fund for Women, Koç Holding, ITU, Microsoft, Rockefeller Foundation, Government of Rwanda, Social Builder, Government of Tunisia, UNICEF

    The Feminist AI Research Network: f<a+i>r

    Eminent social scientists, economists, and activists, side by side with data, machine learning and computer scientists to discuss how to fix the system and leverage AI for women’s rights.

  • Economy:


    AI Recruitment:

    Digital Dream or Dystopia of Bias?

    We have a moment to establish new norms with new technology that brings more equality—

    instead of enshrining inequality and systemic bias into the systems of our future.



    The Deadly Data Gap:

    Gender & Data


    All data tells a story.

    And like all stories, its power and purpose depend on the protagonist and their point of view.


    PPE Survey


    Help us take the 1st step to evaluate Gender Responsive Standards, by looking at mission critical PPE through the Gender & Inclusivity lens.



  • Democracy & Governance:


    International Gender Champions


    a leadership network that brings together female & male decision-makers to break down gender barriers for system change.


    An initiative conceived by Women at the Table

    co-founded in 2015 with

    the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva

    & the Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva.

    Democracy & Governance:


    CEDAW Briefing

    Women at the Table is overjoyed to have been asked to brief CEDAW,

    the Committee to End Discrimination Against Women experts on

    Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms & Women's Rights / Gender Equality

    at their winter 2021 session.

    G-app: the Gender Gap Application

    International Organisations provide the space and infrastructure for deciding the direction of the international community. Ensuring that a plurality of voices are heard is key for these decisions to have legitimacy. But how is this plurality measured?

    Do we understand the duration of time or the subjects on which women speak in international fora?

    Do we understand in which capacity women speak: as decision makers, as experts, or experientially?

    It is no longer sufficient for women merely to be present, or even to speak in the conference chamber, they must have influence in outcomes.


    The G-app Gender Gap Application measures this...

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