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  • w@tt strategy & admin

    Caitlin Kraft Buchman

    Founder and CEO

    Caitlin, from New York and permanently based in Geneva, is the CEO/Founder of Women at the Table.

    A serial coalition builder she is also the co-founder of the International Gender Champions (2015), and the <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms (2019).

    Renata Avila

    Co-Founder and Senior Consultant for the <A+> Alliance

    Renata, from Guatemala and currently based in Croatia, is an activist and international human rights lawyer specialising in technology and intellectual property. She is a Race and Technology Fellow at Stanford and co-founded the <A+> Alliance.

    Diandra Dillon

    Programme Associate

    Diandra, from Jamaica, and currently based there, is a masters student in International History at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. She works on f<ai>r and the <A+> Alliance.

    Aijan Muktar

    Programme Associate

    Aijan, from Geneva and based Zürich, is a masters student in Law at the University of Zürich and works on w@tt events, webinars and website.  

    Pilar Grant

    Design Consultant

    Pilar, born, bred and living in Santiago, is our design consultant. She also works at the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of Chile.

    Claudia Ahumada

    Lead Researcher The Technology We Need

    Claudia, from Chile and based in Geneva, is a human rights lawyer and gender expert, specialized in participatory change, working at the intersection of rights and evidence. She leads The Technology We Need, our initiative that seeks to amplify women-led solutions and innovations.

    Kathlene Burke

    Legal Team Lead

    Kat, from the U.S. and based in London, is a lawyer at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom (UK) LLP and through Skadden leads the pro bono legal team working with Women at the Table since 2019.

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  • <A+> Tech Fellows

    Abhishek Mandal

    Tech Fellow

    Abhishek is a first year PhD student at University College Dublin working on biases and imbalances in computer vision datasets and algorithms. He will be working with us on the G-app project and on the Tech We Need project.

    Sofia Kypraiou

    Tech Fellow

    Sofia is a final-year master's student in Data Science at EPFL and will be working alongside us to create the first of its kind <AI & Equality> Human Rights Toolbox.

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  • <A+> Alliance Advisory Board

    Nuria Oliver

    Commissioner for the President of the Valencian Region in Spain on AI and Data Science against COVID-19, Co-Founder and Vice-President of ELLIS, the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems

    Nisheeth Vishnoi

    Professor of Computer Science; Co-founder, Yale’s Computation and Society Initiative

    Paola Villareal

    former Head of Data Science, National Council for Science and Technology, Mexico

    Nanjira Sambuli

    Ford Global Fellow, Ford Foundation

    Elisa Celis

    Assistant Professor, Statistics & Data Science; Co-Founder, Yale's Computation and Society Initiative

    Daniel Gatica-Perez

    Professor, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, School of Engineering, College of Humanities; Director, Digital Humanities Institute; Head of Social Computing, Idiap

    Yasodara Cordova

    Fellow for Citizen Engagement, World BanK

    Francesca Bria

    President, Italian National Innovation Fund; Hon. Professor, Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (UCL); Senior Adviser, Digital Cities and Digital Rights (UN-Habitat)

  • <A+> Alliance Regional Hub Partners

    Tecnologico de Costa Rica. Alajuela

    <A+> Alliance global co-leaders

    Jaime Gutiérrez Alfaro

    Associate Professor in Computer Engineering at Centro Académico de Alajuela, Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Co-founder of Laboratorio Experimental research and extension group. His research is on how free geospatial software can support people from vulnerable communities to produce and manage their own open data for decision making, and how to involve Computer Engineering undergrad students in the process.

    María Estrada Sánchez

    Associate professor in Computer Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Since 2014, Academic Councillor in University Council, Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. She is a gender and human rights expert with a background in STEM. Her research is on how to decrease the gender gap in STEM and digital gaps for vulnerable communities with education, mobiles, data projects. Since 2019 and to date, she serves as researcher of the WSTEM project, an Erasmus + Project. W‐STEM Project aims at improving strategies and mechanisms of attraction, access and guidance of Women in Latin-American STEM Higher Education programs.

    Tecnologico de Monterrey. Mexico City

    Latin America Caribbean LAC Regional Hub leader

    Paola Ricaurte

    Associate Professor,Department of Media and Digital Culture, Tecnológico de Monterrey. Faculty Associate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. She was an Edmundo O'Gorman Fellow at the Institute of Latin American Studies at Columbia University (2018). She is co-founder (with Nick Couldry and Ulises Mejías) of Tierra Común, a network to promote reflection on data colonialism from the Global South. Her work focuses on the critical study of digital technologies from a decolonial and feminist perspective.

    Jordan Open Source Association. Amman

    Middle East North Africa MENA Regional Hub Leader

    Issa Mahasneh

    Executive Director of JOSA. In addition to being an ICT consultant, Issa's fields of expertise include human rights and technology, cyber laws, Internet governance, privacy, and digital security. In the last few years, he worked as Jordan’s research analyst for the Freedom on the Net report and co-led different campaigns to support freedom of expression online, and to introduce Jordan’s first Personal Data Protection law. Appointed by the Jordanian Prime Minister as a member of the ICT Advisory Council of Jordan (ICTAC), Issa is also a representative of civil society in the Joint Committee on Open Government Data, established by the Government of Jordan.

    Chulalongkorn University. Bangkok

    SouthEast Asia Regional Hub Leader

    Prof. Dr. Soraj Hongladarom

    Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Science, Technology and Society at Chulalongkorn University. He has published books and articles on such diverse issues as bioethics, computer ethics, and the roles that science and technology play in the culture of developing countries. His concern is mainly on how science and technology can be integrated into the life-world of the people in the so-called Third World countries, and what kind of ethical considerations can be obtained from such relations. A large part of this question concerns how information technology is integrated in the lifeworld of people, and especially how such integration is expressed in the use of information technology in education.

  • <A+ >Alliance & f<a+i>r Team

    Raya Sharbain

    MENA Regional Hub Leader / JOSA

    Ana Gabriela Ayala Núñez

    LAC Regional Hub coordinator / Tec Monterrey

    Verita Sriratana

    Asia Regional Hub Coordinator & Researcher / Chulalongkorn

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  • <AI & Equality> Human Rights Toolbox:

    University Edition

    Daniel Gatica-Perez

    Professor, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, School of Engineering, College of Humanities; Director, Digital Humanities Institute; Head of Social Computing, Idiap

    Asako Hattori

    Human Rights Officer at the Women’s Human Rights and Gender Section, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

    Jessica Pidoux

    Doctoral Researcher at the Digital Humanities Institute, EPFL

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  • G-app: Gender Gap Application

    ThoughtWorks Team

    Satish Viswanathan

    Head of Social Impact, India   Technologist, delivery professional and operations leader who focuses on ThoughtWorks' Social Change lens and seeks to harness Thoughtworks talents as technologists to amplify positive social change.

    Vanya Seth

    Lead Architect, Thoughtworks

    Guiding clients on building evolutionary architectures. A passionate technologist with a knack for solving complex problems she brings 10 years of experience in building cloud native applications designed for scale. In her additional role as the technology principal for the Hyderabad office of ThoughtWorks, she formulates technology strategy on scalability, security, etc.

    Dr. Janani Venugopalan

    Lead Data Scientist

    with a focus on data driven solutions for complex problem spaces. She has about 8 years of data science experience in domains such as healthcare, manufacturing, and ethnography. At Women at the Table, her role is on the development of the topic modelling algorithms for g-app.

    Kaleeaswari Somasundaram

    Lead Developer

    Vera Losonci

    International Counsel. Dual-qualified in England and the U.S., focuses on international transactions and securities matters, including M&A, and debt and equity offerings and listings. She also advises issuers on disclosure and corporate governance matters, as well as wider corporate matters and will help the g-app create its formal relationships with international organizations.

    Chris Garrett

    Debevoise&Plimpton associate in the Corporate Department, member of the Data Strategy & Security practice, practising employment law and data protection, will ensure g-app data protection measures adhere to the highest standards and operability.

    Milo Gordon-Brown

    Debevoise&Plimpton associate, and member of the firm’s Mergers & Acquisitions Group will work on the g-app's relationships outside of data protection.

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  • The Tech We Need

    Jaime Gutiérrez

    TEC Costa Rica

    Paola Ricaurte

    TEC Monterrey

  • Generation Equality Action Coalition:

    Technology & Innovation

    for Gender Equality.

    Our leadership partners in the Action Coalition 2020-2025

    UN Women

    Global Fund for Women

    Digital Grassroots

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