Women at the Table

“Switzerland’s National AI Strategy and Public Engagement in AI”

The AI Future Lab is a community of next-gen leaders pushing the frontiers for responsible AI globally, incubated at the World Economic Forum and its Global Shapers Community. Coming from all continents, the lab’s mission is to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) systems around the world are built responsibly and equitably.

The Lab is running a virtual tour around the world to facilitate exchange of knowledge, cross-pollination of ideas, and collective ideation around how to engage the public, particularly the youth, in shaping the trajectory of responsible AI. As the technology continues to shape its norms, engaging the public in a regionally-tailored fashion is increasingly becoming a topic of discussion geared towards action.

The Lab kickstarted the first Virtual Tour in India at the beginning of the year, has performed the second Virtual Tour in Brazil , and are happy to share that they’re making their third stop in Switzerland.

Last modified: May 16, 2022