Women at the Table

Women at the Table

We are a think tank sparking systems change

Feminist AI: Innovation with Intent

As a pioneering think tank, we don’t just analyze feminist AI, we actively construct it. Our mission is to forge technology that eradicates bias and elevates gender equity.

Some of our current and recent projects include work with:

Collaboration for Global Impact

Our network, robust and worldwide, powers our agenda. It’s where Global South scholars and tech trailblazers unite to infuse AI with diversity and dynamism.

Policy Advocacy for Paradigm Shift

We’re the architects of influential policies, narrowing the gender digital divide and setting inclusive standards. Our advocacy is fearless, our influence expansive.

Workshops that Revolutionize

The AI & Equality Toolbox workshops transcend traditional silos. We demystify, we empower, we motivate. With us, insights transform into impactful actions.

Fostering Unity, Not Division

From engaging think tanks to resource-rich directories, we’re the hub for synergistic innovation. Our platform is a nexus for visionaries committed to gender-inclusive, gender-transformative tech. 

Amplifying Voices for Equity

Our message resonates from the halls of power to international forums, influencing discussions on trade, technology, democracy and inclusive policies. 

Ignite the Movement

Step into the arena with us. As a vanguard think tank, we invite you to be part of the vital momentum towards an equitable world where AI dismantles disparity, not deepens it. Here, technology isn’t just a tool, it’s a beacon of progress and parity.

Upcoming events & talks

AI & Equality | Graduate Institute of Geneva

May 2312:15 pm - 1:30 pm

AI & Equality | Graduate Institute of Geneva

AI & Equality: Human Rights Toolbox

Tech Hub  |  More information here

Maison de la Paix, Geneva / In person

AI4D | Human Rights

May 234:00 pm - 5:00 pm

AI4D | Human Rights

Human Rights & AI: Inclusive Human Rights Frameworks for New Technologies

How can Human Rights Frameworks be the starting point for the creation of new tech & innovation? What questions need to be asked and answered to harness the astounding capabilities of AI with its promises of dystopia or utopia? Can Human Rights Frameworks bring us to some middle ground?

A knowledge synthesis series curated by Women At The Table.

f< A+I >r Global Webinar

Jun 033:00 pm - 4:30 pm

f< A+I >r Global Webinar

NLP Language & Locality

With researchers from Asia, Middle East North Africa, Africa, Latin America.

Join us: bit.ly/GlobalWebinar2024_3

fA+Ir Global Webinar

Jun 033:00 pm - 4:30 pm

fA+Ir Global Webinar

Incubating Feminist AI Prototypes

Featuring new movements, new alliances, new prototypes & new methods from the f<a+i>r Feminist AI Research Network.

– Prototyping AI Tutoring Systems in Upper Egypt, Water Resource Management with Indigenous Yaqui Community in Mexico
Piloting with SafeHer in Manila, SOF + IA in Santiago, and E.D.I.A. and AymurAI in Buenos Aires.

Join us: bit.ly/GlobalWebinar2024_9

AI & Equality | HUMA Institute of Humanities in Africa, University of Cape Town

Aug 05 - Aug 09All Day

AI & Equality | HUMA Institute of Humanities in Africa, University of Cape Town

Feminist AI Academy

Cape Town / In person