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    by using the prism of technology, innovation & AI


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  • w@tt's up

  • 2022

    Some of what we are up to ....

    Youth & Leaders Summit @SciencesPo

    17 January. 10:30-12:30CET

    Equality in Cyberspace & AI Fairness 

    Chaired by Jen Schradie, Assistant Professor, L’Observatoire sociologique du changement, Sciences Po, Paris ● Student Greeter: Silvia Tauro, Master in International Security, PSIA ● Student Speaker: Larissa Zutter, Master in International Security, PSIA ● Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Founder and CEO, Women at the Table ● Ayumi Moore Aoki, Founder and CEO, Women in Tech

    Bi-Monthly f<a+i>r Research Cohort #1 Meeting

    19 January. 15:30-17:00CET



    South to South conversations between the researchers selected as the first f<a+i>r cohort focused on elucidating and illuminating new models for a Feminist AI.




    W7 Advisors:

    Dialogue Kickoff

    20 January. 13:00-16:30CET



    New year – new challenges!I am happy to share with you that I will join @women7official to formulate demands on gender equality to #G7 leaders. We will fight for concrete commitments with transformative impact on the lives of women & girls in all their diversity.



    Global f<a+i>r Launch

     26 January   16:00-17:30


    Benchmark Datasets: What do they mean for Feminist AI, and where do we go from here?



    in conversation with

    • Emily Denton, Research Scientist at Google


    • Raejetse Sefala, Research Fellow at Distributed AI Research Institute on



    Invitation Only



    Open for Good Webinar

     26 January   16:00-17:30


    AI and Human Rights Challenges (Part II)


    How can a human rights based approach fit with AI and its creation? How can we achieve more fair machine learning models?


    Blending a human rights-based conversation with technologists and thinkers to see how directly and immediately human rights principles can be applied and thought about analytically in code




    29 January 19:00-20:30 CET


    Inclusive AI + the Urgent need for Girls & Women to be involved in AI


    Moderator for DeepLearning.AI : Arushi Bagchi, high school junior + AI enthusiast



    Caitlin Kraft Buchman - CEO/Founder Women at the Table, Co-founder Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms, Geneva

    Smriti Mishra - Head of AI at Earthbanc, Stockholm

    Scott Penberthy - Director Applied AI-Office of the CTO, Google, Palo Alto



    British Standards Institution. bsi.


    31 January


    Enabling the development of inclusive standards – Understanding the role of data and data analysis – Guide 


    We are incredibly proud our CEO/Founder served as the Technical Author for this groundbreaking guide commissioned by bsi.


    Open Consultations for the Guide will remain open for 6 months. Please read & comment. Feel free to reach out!


    Consultation Link to follow


    Ecosoc Partnership Forum 2022

    2 February 0800-0850 EST

    Official Side Event


    The G-App: Who Gets to Speak ? Who Gets Heard? 

    Gender, Age, Region

    We are pleased to be an official Side Event at the ECOSOC Partnership Forum profiling the open source G-app, which premiered at the Paris Peace Forum 2021, and could be used throughout the UN System and beyond.



    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Women@theTable, CEO/Founder

    Satish Viswanathan, Thoughtworks, Head of Social Impact, India

    Mariana Duarte,

    Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Gender Programme Officer





    X Horizons Summit

    2 February


    x-Feminism: A New Foundation for the Digital Economy

    Existing technology frameworks and ecosystems have been created on traditional male-dominated foundations and have resulted in biased and techno-centric solutionism. In data, AI, software and other technical domains, feminism is being proffered as a more intersectional, participative, and balanced approach to technology's role in the economy and broader social contexts. This session brings together leaders and trailblazers from the x-feminism (x = AI, data, or other tech domains) landscape to discuss and share successes, opportunities, and challenges to real structural change in the digital economy.



    AI in the City

    10 February

    “Public Trust and AI”

    Building Civic Engagement & Public Trust symposium 

    @ 11:00 - 12:15 EST is an invite-only, closed session that will be a continuation of the public panel on the same topic (from 9:30 to 10:45 EST). The roundtable will provide an opportunity to hold an in-depth discussion between experts from various regions to share their experiences across interdisciplinary fields. We hope the roundtables are an opportunity to learn together and take a few first steps in strengthening a community of scholars, advocates, specialists, and activists concerned with civic engagement in technology. We will start a conversation that can be further developed in our essays and can spark future collaborations.

    <AI & Equality Toolbox>

    23 February

    Emory University

    Student Equity in AI Toolbox workshop

    The workshop, initially designed in collaboration with Office of the United Nations High Commissioner

    for Human Rights (OHCHR) and EPFL, includes a Human Rights module + a Jupyter notebook filled with code that connects how human rights interplay with decisions made at various points of the data and model lifecycle.



    <AI & Equality Toolbox>

    25 February

    Emory University 

    Alumni + Working Professionals Edition





    GSMA + Red Hat @ Mobile World Congress

    1 March. 09:30-12:30


    Diversity4Tech   D4T

    Roundtable with the mobile industry and broader technology community to expanding conversations on the wider case for Diversity & Inclusion.


    MozFest: Decolonial Track

    7 March. 16:00-17:00 CET


    Feminist AI: 

    Regional Snapshots & Systems Change

    The <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms partners: Tec Costa Rica (Alajuela), Tec Monterrey (Mexico City), Women@theTable (Geneva), Jordan Open Source Association (Amman), Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok) + Gender Inclusion Network AI4D Africa (Dakar, Kamapla, Abuja) will convene with our feminist AI research network f<a+i>r partners to present new community rooted models & systems for AI that are have been conceived by and developed in the Global South, by the Global South, for the Global South.


    MozFest: Rethinking Power & Ethics

    7-10 March time+date tbc



    <AI & Equality> Human Rights Toolbox Workshop


    How do human rights interplay with decisions made at various points of the data and model lifecycle? Using a Jupyter notebook filled with code we work through examples and the critical questions to ask on how to practically connect human rights to code.




    MozFest: Gender, Tech and Intersectionality Track

    7-10 March time+date tbc

    Who Gets to Speak? Who Gets Heard? 

    The Deadly Data Gap: Gender, Age, Region

    We will share our open source app - The G-app - that is designed to measure the active participation of women and youth in conferences capturing the proportion of time, the topics, the capacity and delegated authority women and youth speak in the conference chamber so that we can provide concrete metrics to evaluate representation, participation and influence.
    We believe it is critical to highlight these figures in order to catalyze the outcome of more women and youth in leading positions corresponding to their proportion in the population.





    Global F<a+i>r Public Session

    9 March 16:00-17:30 CET


    Visions of Feminist AI from an Anthropological Perspective


    Moderated by Women@theTable Programme Director Dr. Ingrid Brudvig







    7-10 March time+date tbc


    Explainability for AI Systems: 

    A first principle but how does it scale?

    /thoughtworks explores their groundbreaking work on making the explainability of our g-app algorithm transparent.





  • The Tech We Need


    Our Commitment to the Generation Equality Forum


    Action Coalition

    Technology & Innovation for Gender Equality













    Generation Equality Forum:

    Action Coalition for Technology & Innovation for Generation Equality


    The <A+> Alliance is leadership w UNICEF, ITU, Digital Grassroots, Social Builder, Global Fund for Women, Microsoft, Salesforce, Rockefeller Foundation, Koç Holding, Governments of Finland, Chile, Tunisia, Rwanda

    The Feminist AI Research Network: f<a+i>r

    Eminent social scientists, economists, and activists, side by side with data, machine learning and computer scientists to discuss how to fix the system and leverage AI for women’s rights.

  • <AI & Equality> A Human Rights Toolbox

    Developed in collaboration with EPFL and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights - a Workshop, a Jupyter notebook, a community ...


    the gender gap app

    Measuring gaps in representation, participation and influence.


    Piloting now... in collaboration with /thoughtworks


    Throughout history women have been considered ‘aberrations’ from the norm, rather than a crucial and vital part of the population to be included in medical trials and long-term studies...


    We recently executive produced the first ETH Zürich Fem Tech Summit to begin our work in this area.

  • Economy:


    AI Recruitment:

    Digital Dream or Dystopia of Bias?

    We have a moment to establish new norms with new technology that brings more equality—

    instead of enshrining inequality and systemic bias into the systems of our future.



    The Deadly Data Gap:

    Gender & Data


    All data tells a story.

    And like all stories, its power and purpose depend on the protagonist and their point of view.


    Enabling the development of inclusive standards – Understanding the role of data and data analysis – Guide


    CONSULTATION OPENS: 31 January 2022

    We are incredibly proud our CEO/Founder served as the Technical Author for this groundbreaking dataflex guide for the British Standards Institution.


    Consultations for the Guide will remain open & online for 6 months. Please read & comment. Feel free to reach out!

  • Democracy & Governance:


    International Gender Champions


    a leadership network that brings together female & male decision-makers to break down gender barriers for system change.


    An initiative conceived by Women at the Table

    co-founded in 2015 with

    the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva

    & the Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva.

    Democracy & Governance:


    CEDAW Briefing

    Women at the Table is overjoyed to have been asked to brief CEDAW,

    the Committee to End Discrimination Against Women experts on

    Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms & Women's Rights / Gender Equality

    at their winter 2021 session.

    G-app: the Gender Gap Application

    International Organisations provide the space and infrastructure for deciding the direction of the international community. Ensuring that a plurality of voices are heard is key for these decisions to have legitimacy. But how is this plurality measured?

    Do we understand the duration of time or the subjects on which women speak in international fora?

    Do we understand in which capacity women speak: as decision makers, as experts, or experientially?

    It is no longer sufficient for women merely to be present, or even to speak in the conference chamber, they must have influence in outcomes.


    The G-app Gender Gap Application measures this...

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