Women at the Table

Women’s Rights and Choices in a Digital World: Why we need a feminist global digital compact

A conversation between Member States and Civil Society Organisations about how to make sure that gender is a key theme of the Global Digital Compact and Pact for the Future.

Location: In person, 2nd Floor, Scandinavia House, 58 Park Avenue, New York

Government Sponsors and UN co-hosts

  • Government of The United States; Government of Brazil; Government of Finland, Government of Denmark; Global Partnership for Action on Gender-based Online Harassment and Abuse; UNFPA; UN Women


  • Association of Progressive Communications; Alliance for Universal Digital Rights; Equality Now; Pollicy; Derechos Digitales; Digital Rights Foundation; Women at the Table and World Wide Web Foundation.


  • To encourage Government commitments to advocate for a feminist Global Digital Compact to protect, promote and respect the rights and choices of women in all their diversity, including economic agency.

Target Audience

  • High-level government officials, UN member state delegates, policymakers, private sector,

Last modified: March 7, 2024