Women at the Table

Digital Donors’ Exchange (DDX) on AI for Development. We’ll deep dive into the topic of gender bias.

Today’s generative AI is powered by algorithms with many well-documented bias problems. Chief among these, arguably, is gender bias. From the creation of data sets, to the way the data is collected and used, to the building of AI solutions – women are underrepresented at every stage. Not only does this bias perpetuate gender stereotypes, it has practical, everyday consequences for women, potentially blocking their access to financial services, jobs, and/or healthcare – to name just a few areas where gender-biased algorithms are increasingly influencing decision making.   If AI is to help accelerate progress on humanity’s greatest challenges, we will need to work together to solve AI’s many gender bias problems.  

Tholang Mathopa is an AI and Intelligent Automation Specialist who is on a mission to train and up-skill one million women in AI and Intelligent Automation by 2025 across Africa. She is the Founder ofLeriba.ai, an Intelligent Document Processing startup and Head of Sponsorship for the Oxford Entrepreneurs. 

Caitliin Kraft Buchman isCEO/Founder Women at the Table& its initiatives<A+>Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms; the f<a+i>r feminist AI research network; and the<AI & Equality> Human Rights Toolbox community. She is also the co-founder of International Gender Champions. 

Krista Baptista is the Executive Director of Data2X. She is a data and digital inclusion specialist with 20 years of experience in the international development sector. Data2X drives solutions to fill gender gaps in data globally.

Last modified: November 11, 2023