Women at the Table

The climate crisis has become a public health emergency: How can we improve access to SRHR?

FemTech is about creating the solutions and tools necessary to deliver the quality of care 50% of the population deserves (but has been denied).

The climate crisis has become a public health emergency in which women are disproportionately affected: with decreased life expectancy from natural disasters, increased incidence of depression, diminished access to health care to treat conditions as diverse as anemia, malnutrition, menstrual difficulties + urinary tract infections. Female reproductive health is traditionally undervalued compared to other health evaluations, but innovative start-ups focusing on women’s health offer hope to provide women in remote, underserved communities with reliable health information and low-cost, accessible, and high-quality health services.


  • Enya Seguin, Babychecker: a smartphone-based ultrasound designed to make pregnancies safer, powered by Artificial Intelligence to support the detection of risky pregnancies by community health workers + increase timely referrals.
  • Leon Boston, Mobile ODT: only company to use AI as a screening tool for cervical cancer with inexpensive mobile smart phone based technology; completed extensive screening programmes in India and the Dominican Republic.
  • Oriana Kraft, FemTech Summit: which brings together researchers, innovators and tech entrepreneurs to discuss challenges and solutions emerging in the new, paradigm changing field of femtech.


Last modified: May 9, 2022