Women at the Table

Global f<a+i>r meeting to discuss preparations and inputs on the upcoming  GLOBAL DIGITAL COMPACT.
We mean to put Feminist AI on the agenda!

INVITATION ONLY TO THE FAIR NETWORK as we discuss what would a Feminist Digital Compact look like?


As part of an inclusive, preparatory process, the United Nations is interested in hearing from everyone everywhere – individuals, groups, associations, organizations, entities – on what they want to see in the Global Digital Compact. 

The consultation we are organizing or input you will provide is an opportunity to contribute to shaping the Global Digital Compact and share our views with the international community. 

As we prepare the consultation or you begin to draft your input, consider the future of digital technologies and the continuing digital transformation. 

How can we best ensure an “open, free and secure digital future for all”? What shared principles should be included in the Global Digital Compact? Which issues should be addressed – those mentioned above in the Common Agenda report or others? What can and should the international community do to address them? On the online platform set up by the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology at the United Nations, you can submit input from your consultation and/or your own views, and view the contributions others have provided. There you can also find relevant resources, such as the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation and Our Common Agenda, and updates as more details are available. The United Nations will compile and present your views to inform deliberations on the Global Digital Compact, which will take place in 2023 as part of the Summit of the Future. 



Last modified: September 26, 2022