Women at the Table

We are thrilled to present the <AI & Equality> Human Rights Toolbox Workshop at Mozfest!

Our Session will take place on March 7, 2022 from 20:15 CET – 21:45 CET

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As AI transforms our lives at breakneck speed, it becomes increasingly difficult to assess its benefits and harms, its impact on human rights and democracy, and how we work, learn and even live together.

How do we protect communities from harms that are made invisible by historical marginalization, and ongoing exclusion from AI design and governance? How do we move beyond corporate-sponsored invocations of ‘AI ethics’ that fail to be a check on power? How can ethical frameworks be made actionable, reshape inequities and be deployed for the meaningful governance of AI?

This Space invites activists, artists, civil society, researchers, technologists, designers and storytellers to rethink the intersection of ethics and power in tech. Bring your voice as we explore actionable insights to enact the kind of society we want for tomorrow.

Why and where can algorithms produce inequality outcomes? Why and where can algorithms be gender-biased? How can a human rights-based approach be applied to computer algorithms that engage, reason about, and make decisions on people? A growing body of research shows that algorithmic bias is in play in every aspect of modern life and has substantial, far-reaching impacts on our work environments, private life and culture.


How do human rights interplay with decisions made at various points of the data and model lifecycle? Using a Jupyter notebook filled with code we work through examples and the critical questions to ask on how to practically connect human rights to code.


Women at the Table:

  • Sofia Kypraiou is a data scientist and the Programme Associate and developer of the <AI & Equality Toolbox> at Women@theTable
  • Ingrid Brudvig is a Digital Anthropologist whose research and work focuses on gender, data and technology;
  • Caitlin Kraft-Buchman is the CEO/Founder of Women at the Table. She is a serial coalition builder. She is also the co-founder of the International Gender Champions (2015) and the <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms (2019).
Last modified: July 5, 2022