Women at the Table

The impact of generative AI in the workplace

Through self-correctional algorithms and using computing power to process large sets of data, Gen AI can enhance learning by expanding our capacity to automate tasks and free up resources for learning. Gen AI acts as a powerful force for change in business, while simultaneously providing some of its most complex academic, legal, and ethical dilemmas. What is the impact of software like ChatGPT on education and work? Do we need to rethink educational pathways and workplace development to prepare for a labour market in which Gen AI plays a significant role?


  •  Agathe Bousquet, CEO France, Publicis Groupe  
  • Elizabeth Faber, Global Chief People and Purpose Officer, Deloitte 
  •  Shelley McKinley, VP, Microsoft and Chief Legal Officer, GitHub
  • Mahasti Razavi, Managing Partner, August Debouzy France
  • Moderator: Caitlin Kraft Buchman, Co-Founder and Leader, Women@TheTable / <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms
Last modified: November 11, 2023