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Embark on a Trailblazing Quest with Feminist AI – A Catalyst for Inclusive Futures

Imagine a world where AI champions social justice, where every algorithm enriches lives rather than perpetuates biases. That’s the bold vision of Feminist AI – a revolutionary approach weaving inclusion into the very fabric of emerging technologies. It’s not just about tweaking systems; it’s about reimagining them from the ground up.

Pro-social AI isn’t a buzzword; it’s our mission. We’re not just optimizing – we’re revolutionizing, ensuring that every digital stride forward nurtures opportunities and rights across all genders. Feminist AI isn’t just smart; it’s wise, aligning cutting-edge tech with the values of equality and representation that define our century.

In 2020, a groundbreaking venture was born. Backed by IDRC, the <A+> Alliance launched f<a+i>r, a consortium of world-class scientists, economists, and activists. Our mission? To reinvent AI into an ally for gender equality, to transform social programs with technology that’s not just efficient but equitable.

Our journey is marked by milestones. With IDRC’s sustained support, we’ve transcended boundaries, bringing together thought leaders from Tecnológico de Costa Rica to American University Cairo to Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. Our incubator, ‘Feminist AI: from Paper to Prototype to Pilot,’ isn’t just a project; it’s a proclamation that change is here.

We’re not just spotting issues; we’re sparking solutions. f<a+i>r is the crucible where ‘what ifs’ melt into ‘how tos,’ transforming insights into actions that pilot the gender-transformative change. It’s where potential meets policy, where data drives dignity.

We’re incubating ideas and networking change-makers. Our process is dynamic, with bi-weekly cohorts and rigorous research cycles, ensuring that every insight and innovation is rooted in robust, South-South collaboration and real-world impact.

Our network is our strength, fortified by regional and global meetings that are more than gatherings – they’re incubators of innovation, cross-pollinating ideas across continents.

<A+> doesn’t just build AI; we build legacies. Our Global Directory is more than a list; it’s a spotlight on the trailblazers shaping a fairer future from the Global South. It’s where Feminist AI finds its voice and its stage.

Join us on this transformative journey. With Feminist AI, we’re not just predicting the future; we’re programming it. Be part of the revolution where algorithms advocate for equality and where every code is a covenant for change.

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