Women at the Table

22 January 2021

Action Coalition Leaders on Technology and Innovation unite and call for bold, collective solutions to spark a gender-diverse digital reset

In the context of the World Economic Forum Davos Agenda, the leaders of the Action Coalition on Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality: 

<A+> Alliance, the Government of Armenia, the Government of Chile, Digital Grassroots, the Government of Finland, the Global Fund for Women, ITU, Koç Holding, Microsoft, Rockefeller Foundation, Social Builder, the Government of Tunisia, UNICEF, have released a call for collective action to spark a more equal and diverse digital transformation. Our statement sets the stage for bold new commitments towards a gender-diverse digital reset at 2021’s Generation Equality Forum.

The World Economic Forum Davos Agenda is taking place from the 25th to 29th of January and is this year embracing collective action by public and private partners for bold solutions to improve the state of the world and manage the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. The Generation Equality Action Coalitions build on and reflect this imperative as innovative, multi-stakeholder partnerships that will mobilize governments, civil society, international organizations, and the private sector to catalyze action, drive investment, and deliver concrete, game-changing results for gender equality.

It is in this spirit of cross-sector collective action that leaders from the Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality have released a joint statement calling for extraordinary collaboration and solidarity – among people, organizations and countries. The diverse Action Coalition partners express their unwavering commitment to design and implement transformative ideas that will drive a more equal and inclusive digital transformation as we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery from the pandemic.

The statement urges actors:

“At the intersection of the digital evolution and gender equality, let’s commit to engage the diversity of girls and young women in their strength, our strength. If we fail at seizing this lens, a generation of girls will miss out on the catalytic opportunity that COVID-19 has brought us.”

The Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation has spent the past months prioritizing the most catalytic solutions for gender-inclusive digital transformation, setting the stage to invite concrete commitments at the Generation Equality Forum in Paris in June. The group has worked on issues ranging from safety in digital spaces to innovative finance mechanisms. The leader’s statement sets out concrete strategies for changemakers to reimagine education for youth and to collectively shape a gender-diverse digital evolution.

Last modified: February 21, 2022