Women at the Table

Our Generation Equality Action Coalition for Technology & Innovation for Gender Equality Commitment:

The Technology We Need

Problem solving focused on how technology can measurably & positively impact social problems, improve quality of life, correct for historic exclusion, and address one or more of the SDGs. 

The Problem, The Need

The international community has long recognized that there are entire communities being left behind. We do not know whether the technology being invented is serving the needs of those who have historically been most excluded from the conversation and the creation of tools: women and girls. The first step to fill this gap, quite simply, is to ask women and girls what they need. 

The Pathway, The Process

1. Conversation Problem Definition

With mixed-methods methodology, as initial cohorts, we interview women community leaders and youth leaders living in informal settlements. Guided by an original, pre-vetted survey stakeholders express their needs on broad issues organized around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals so that the focus is on problem definition and solution, not ‘technology’. 

We also interview three other stakeholder groups: government officials, international development partners, and technologists on what they perceive the needs to be of women and girls living in informal settlements. For the first time we will have the ability to identify what is affirmed as women’s needs by the women themselves and identify potential gaps with the actions of outside experts. 

2. Problem Definition Solution Design

With the women community leaders and local university partners we mobilize multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder teams of social scientists and technologists to work collaboratively with the women and girls on the design and co-creation of needs-based, rights-based tech solutions. This includes Workshops, a Scientific Advisory Committee, mentors, and additional technical collaborators and community actors. 

3. Solution Design Prototype Pilot

Women and Girl Community Leaders continue to lead, design, own and maintain their solution to their problem. Increased influence and new decision-making platforms are foreseen for women as they turn their innovations and expertise into living tech, action and enterprise. 

First sites Erizo Juan Santamaría, Alajuela, Costa Rica in partnership with Laboratorio Experimental, Tecnológico de Costa Rica + Jalisco, Mexico in partnership with Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Goal To create technology across the Global South that ensures no one is left behind, and that we all thrive, leveraging tech’s full power to positively transform lives at scale. 

Our growing list of Lab partners: 

Tecnológico de Monterrey 
Laboratorio Experimental, Tecnológico de Costa Rica 
Internet Lab, Brazil 
Observatory of AI Social Impacts – UNTREF, Argentina

Data + FeminismLab, MIT

Digital Humanities Lab, Emory University

Data-Pop Alliance

Center for Science, Technology + Society, Chulalongkorn University

Jordan Open Source Association

Opportunities Commit to any of a). creating initial research project b). mentoring prototype

c). advising pilots d). financing (or in-kind) technical + social science expertise on prototypes + pilots. 

Last modified: February 21, 2022