Women at the Table

Our Human Rights Toolbox is taking its first international outing this week!

After piloting at EPFL, our Tech Fellow Sofia Kypraiou (who is doing her EPFL Data Science Masters Thesis on the Toolbox, its pedagogy + dissemination), is presenting the Human Rights Toolbox at University College Dublin (UCD) with a cohort of Master and Phd students from the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at UCD and throughout Ireland.

We are thrilled that Professor Susan Leavy of UCD (and a member of our fr Feminist AI research network) is hosting us, and that the venerable Asako Hattori, Human Rights Programme Officer from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights will be presenting the Human Rights Module again (and with whom we collaborated on producing the entire toolkit).

Check out the Toolkit, the Jupyter notebook and our plans to inform a university generation on how to integrate a human rights based approach into their technical work and inventions.

Last modified: February 21, 2022