• establishing new norms, now


    a growing, global gender equality & democracy CSO

    based in Geneva


    focusing on systems change

    by helping feminists gain influence in sectors

    that have key structural impact:


    technology, economy, sustainability, democracy and governance.











    <A+> Alliance will be in leadership of the Action Coalition for Technology & Innovation for Generation Equality

    Read about the Project


    Join us as we work for inclusive technologies



  • Economy:


    The Deadly Data Gap:

    Gender & Data


    All data tells a story.

    And like all stories, its power and purpose depend on the protagonist and their point of view.


    PPE Survey


    Help us take the 1st step to evaluate Gender Responsive Standards, by looking at mission critical PPE through the Gender & Inclusivity lens.





    Gender & Cities


    The Smart Feminist City 3.0


  • Democracy & Governance:


    International Gender Champions


    a leadership network that brings together female & male decision-makers to break down gender barriers for system change.


    An initiative conceived by Women at the Table

    co-founded in 2015 with

    the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva

    & the Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva.

    feminist foreign policy

    Help us ideate what feminist foreign policy should look like in the 2020s

    Democracy & Governance:


    UN Treaty Bodies --

    Review in 2020

    Our institutions & the international community must show leadership in achieving gender equality within UN Treaty Bodies.

    If they can't, who can?

    It's time to turn words into accountability and concrete action.

  • w@tt's up

    establishing new norms, now


  • 2020

    Some of 2020

    EY Ripples Collaboration

    Q1 January, February, March

    'At The Table' chosen by EY as a sustainable enterprise begins work with EY Ripples to model our sustainable 'At The Table' Business Model + Plan.

    With a full-time EY consultant in-house for January, February, March.

    IGC AI Impact Group

    14 January


    Women at the Table convenes 1st Algorithms 101 meeting for a new International Gender Champions AI Impact Group

    House of


    21-23 January


    Women at the Table will be at the House of Switzerland during Davos 2020


     'At the Table' Podcast



    Our podcast At the Table: Feminist Algorithms launches​ in conversation with feminist innovators. Season one will focus on inclusive technology.


    World Urban Forum 10

    8-11 February Abu Dhabi

    Women at the Table will be at WUF10

    the biennial World Urban Forum being held this year in Abu Dhabi

    moderating the Women's Roundtable


    (+ proud to be on UN-Habitat's Gender Assembly Steering Committee)


    <AI & Gender>:

    A Human Rights Toolbox Pilot at EPFL

    13 February Lausanne

    Women at the Table's pilot Workshop in collaboration with

    EPFL's Digital Humanities Institute, the EPFL

    Equalities Office, and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights' OHCHR Women's Rights & Gender Section on

    <AI & Gender>: A Human Rights Approach

    Gender Gap Application,

    g-app software

    February - July, Lausanne + Geneva

    EPFL Computer Science Masters Student begins

    full- time on launch version of

    open source software - g-app -

    our gender gap application, going from beta June 2019 at WMO to launch at IUCN June 2020

    to measure women's participation & influence in international assemblies

    Global Women's Forum 20:

    Power of Influence

    16-17 February, Dubai

    Women at the Table speak at Plenary

      Revolution 4.0: A new paradigm for the workforce 

    at the Global Women's Forum 20:

    The Power of Influence

    speaking about AI, inclusive algorithms & the 4th Industrial Revolution

    Digital Society Initiative

    February, Zürich

    Women at the Table outreach luncheon with the Digital Society Initiative, University of Zürich on the <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms

    #FEMALE PLEASURE Screening

    Register Here

    26 February, 1830-2100, Graduate Institute Ivan Pictet Auditorium, Geneva

    #FEMALE PLEASURE five courageous, self-determined women breaking the silence imposed by their societies and religious communities from Japan and India and the Somali Muslim diaspora to the Hasidic community in Brooklyn and Catholic clergy in Europe.

    The feature documentary by Swiss filmmaker Barbara Miller followed by panel discussion with:

    • Ruben Escalante Hasbun, UNFPA Geneva Office
    • Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Founder/CEO, Women at the Table (moderator)
    • Dr Leyla Hussein OBE, Founder , Dahlia Project  featured in the film
    • Claire Somerville, Executive Director  Gender Centre, Graduate Institute, Geneva 

    27 February, 0830- 0930


    Breakfast Briefing with Dr. Leyla Hussein OBE, anti-FGM activist


    An intimate breakfast briefing

    (after the screening of #FEMALE PLEASURE the evening before at the Graduate Institute Pictet Auditorium)

    which will allow Dr Leyla Hussein OBE featured in the award winning film to share her personal journey as well as the day-to-day work she undertakes to shine a spotlight on the human rights challenges women and girls face daily in the context of FGM.


    In light of the 25th anniversary of the BDPfA and focus on FGM, this briefing seeks to consider the current challenges and ways forward in achieving the BDPfA and SDGs as well as in the context of anticipated June/July 2020 HRC discussions.


    The discussion will be held under Chatham House Rules. Invitation Only.

    Breakfast will be served.

    5 March, 0830-1000


    Restaurant des Délégués, Palais des Nations, Geneva

    International Women’s Day

    Climate Justice / Gender Justice

    in the run-up to The Generation Equality Forum


    Feminist action for climate justice is one of the six Action Coalitions that will develop a set of concrete, ambitious, and transformative actions that Coalition members will take between 2020 and 2025 to achieve immediate and irreversible progress towards gender equality.


    • Critical role of women in response to leading and driving solutions for climate change
    • Lessons learnt across the feminist movement that can be applied to the climate movement   
    • Gender equality and gender justice in the Climate agenda
    with exceptional participation of

    Ambassador Nazhat Shameem Khan, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Fiji to the United Nations in Geneva


    Marie-Claire Graf, Global Youth Advocate & Climate Activist


    11 March, 1130-1300



    EU Delegation to the UN, New York

    Briefing with the EU Delegation to the UN

    In this crucial moment when AI is transforming every aspect of our lives and the very fabric of our society - potentially the greatest global paradigm shift yet - it is crystal clear that AI and ADM must be grounded in human rights. Similarly, inclusion and gender equality - the very heart of human rights - must be at the centre of AI and ADM. Affirmative Action for Algorithms (<A+>) is needed in order to correct real life bias and barriers that prevent women from achieving full participation and rights in the present, and in the future, we invent.


    12 March, 1230-1400


    Salvation Army Auditorium, 221 East 52nd, New York

    <Coding Gender Equality>


    Open Feminist Forum

    In this critical year for women’s rights – 25 years since the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action and 5 years until the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goal we must look towards an inclusive future, and tackle bias in ICTs and the accompanying data gender gap, place it and keep it firmly at the top of the multilateral agenda. This is particularly urgent given the scale at which Automated Decision-Making (ADM) systems are being deployed.



    The side event sets out the landscape for gender bias in ADM, highlighting the alarming prevalence of real-world examples of gender bias in ADM and machine learning, and aims to deepen individual awareness and knowledge of the relevance of gender in ADM and the real-life constraints that hinder gender equality in ADM including the data gender gap. The side event seeks to create a space for the international and civil society communities to fuel creativity and invigorate focus on gender equality in ADM.


    Some Cool Swiss Cancelled Spring 2020 Algorithm Events



    in June

    • Algorithms in the Making                     Swiss Jura  What are the programming practices behind gender biases? A female perspective for society. Retreat run by EPFL Doctoral Students, in collaboration with Women at the Table, funded by the USZ Digital Society Initiative via the SNSF


    • Swiss Data Science   Lucerne           Roundtable on Gender Data in collaboration with USZ & Digital Society Initiative
    • Women in Big Data   Zürich             a cross-cutting activity of the Swiss National Research Program NRP 75 “Big Data” with the goal to bring together women working on Big Data research.


    <A+> Alliance


    April 1, 15, 29

    1500-1545 CET

    Online Series #1

    a biweekly multidisciplinary series in April to set the landscape of gender bias in ADM (highlighting real world examples) and share best practices and innovative tools and practices not only to mitigate,
    but to correct for gender and racial bias in AI & ADM.

    Why and where can algorithms be gender biased? What practical tools and solutions can be used to mitigate and proactively correct for real life gender biases in AI? With the explosion of new technologies and the data revolution, what happens next? How can we use a human rights framework to ensure inclusion and gender equality in algorithms in the future we create? What is a feminist vision for an inclusive digital future?




    Feminist AI Research Network


    April - June

    Online Tuesdays


    With <A+> Alliance, Gender at Work, and IDRC:

    A weekly global & multi-disciplinary exploration from Vancouver to Buenos Aires, Geneva to Rio, Nairobi to Delhi, Mumbai to Santiago, on potential Feminist AI research agenda going forward. With initial focus on:

    Feminist Research Methodology

    Inclusive Data Collection

    Social Protections

    Social Norms Change

    bsi. British Standards Institution. Diversity & Inclusivity Advisory Panel

    Online with bsi. 2020

    As a follow on to the Gender Responsive Standards Declaration BSI has formed a Diversity & Inclusivity Panel to

    •create a more diverse and inclusive community of BSI standards-makers

    •create an inclusive standards-making environment and process

    •create more inclusive standards which responsively address different human and stakeholder needs

    Women at the Table is proud to Chair this panel.

    foraus: What should a feminist foreign policy look like in the 2020s?

    22 April 1800-2030 CET

    Join the transnational Policy Kitchen challenge and develop your proposals for a Feminist Foreign Policy in this workshop!

    This workshop is part of the Policy Kitchen challenge on Feminist Foreign Policy by the Open Think Tank Network and is organized by the foraus regional group Geneva.

    An expert input will be provided by:

    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Founder/ CEO, Women at the Table

    Gabriella Irsten, Policy & Advocacy Officer, WILPF


    Find out more about the challenge and 6 additional workshops here.

    Now is a pivotal moment for mapping the future development of a feminist foreign policy agenda.

    Using the collaborative online platform Policy Kitchen, as well as a series of online workshops , the Open Think Tank Network - Agora (UK), Argo (FR), foraus (CH), Polis180 (DE) and Ponto (AT) - invites experts and the public to address this question From April to May, submit your proposals online here or join one of the interactive ideation workshops.


    Algorithms 101: Advocacy

    6 May 1500-1545 CET

    Join <A+> Alliance co-founders:

    Renata Avila, of ciudadania inteligente &

    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Women at the Table

    as they celebrate their <A+> Alliance inclusion in Fast Company's 2020 World Changing Ideas: AI & Data

    and talk about plans for advocacy for an inclusive, feminist, democratic, accountable future.




    AI for Good

    Breakthrough Sessions:

    The Future of Gender, AI + Gender

    5 May 1800-1730CET

    with ITU &

    the X Prize

    Andy Coravos, CEO / Co-Founder, Elektra Labs

    Kishau Rogers, CEO/Founder Time Study Inc.

    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman CEO/Founder Women at the Table

    Ida Tin CEO/Co-Founder Clue

    Neama Dadkhahnikoo, XPRIZE

    Register Here

    Launch of <A+ Global Directory>

    26 May online


    AI for Democracy & Women's Rights

    Let's build a new world


    <A+ Global Directory> from <A+ Alliance> and Gender at Work suppoted by the IDRC, a multidisciplinary cohort of global experts from around the globe working to lift gender & racial bias from Artificial Intelligence + Automated Decision-Making Systems


    Meet them here!

  • w@tt we do

    Galvanizing women’s influence & establishing new norms

    a growing global civil society organization based in Geneva, Switzerland

    the first organization to focus on systems change by helping feminists gain influence in sectors that have key structural impact: economy, democracy and governance, technology and sustainability.


    Women at the Table exposes the systematic exclusion of women in defining the rules – and pinpoints strategic changes to laws, regulations and norms to achieve gender equality and strengthen democracy. By connecting the right people, at the right place at the right time, women are influentially involved in all levels of decision-making, so change can happen now.

    International Gender Champions

    Our first initiative in 2015

    One of w@tt’s first initiatives was conceiving and founding the International Gender Champions (IGC) with the then US Ambassador and UN Director-General in Geneva to form a collaborative network of senior female & male decision-makers who drive systems change. Using implementation of practical interventions to promote equality IGC now numbers 300+ Champions including the Secretary-General of the UN, Heads of many if not most International Organizations, NGOs, Ambassadors and private sector.

    Currently IGC has hubs in Geneva, New York, Vienna, Nairobi, Paris; IGC-Den Haag launched winter 2019 at the International Criminal Court. IGC-Paris launched autumn 2019 under the watchful eye of President Macron at the Paris Peace Forum. The IGC Impact Groups are focused on movement and action.


    Our first Impact Group and coalition

    Created for impact, IGC currently mobilizes Champion-led consortiums on Representation, Trade, Standards and Disarmament and International Justice.


    Its political action and draft of its Trade Impact Group’s Declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment became the Buenos Aires Joint Declaration on Women and Trade, which was joined at the WTO Ministerial in December 2017 by an unexpected 120+ Member States and Observers, making it the first time in WTO, and GATT, history that women are mentioned in an official context of international trade. (Watch the short video with the amazing Arancha Gonzalez in the thumbnail.)


    The Declaration is critical in that it institutionally encourages countries to identify impact of trade on women and to take this into consideration in their trade agreements; with a potential massive impact on women’s economic status globally.


    w@tt and IGC continue their trade work in collaboration with the International Trade Centre, Iceland, Sierra Leone and Botswana who co-chair the group, with a 13 member circle of Member States, (Canada, EU, Argentina, UK, Australia, Korea, Moldova, Kenya, Pakistan, Chile, Costa Rica), IOs (UNCTAD), NGOs (CUTS, ICTSD) with an action plan for change taking them to the WTO Ministerial in 2020.

    leverage points in intricate systems

    Women at the Table identifies leverage points in the intricate yet fundamental systems that dictate women’s day-to-day lives. We also spotlight and support women change-makers in order to share multiple, varied visions of women’s leadership and innovation.

    establishing new norms


    Women are an essential, untapped resource – with the power to reshape our society’s systems. It is crucial that we focus on gender equality and democracy for both women and men, now.

    Then everyone can thrive.

  • Join Us

    Have a collaboration in mind?

    Follow us on social media or come visit us at Maison de la Paix in Geneva.




  • Events 2019

    selected 2019 events

    IGC-Den Haag Official Launch

    At the International Criminal Court, The Hague

    5 February 15:00-17:30

    Opening remarks by H.E. Sabine Nӧlke, Ambassador of Canada to the Netherlands

    Remarks by H.E. Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji, President of the ICC

    Panel discussion moderated by H.E. Heinz Walker-Nederkoorn, Ambassador of

    Switzerland to the Netherlands

    • H.E. Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the ICC

    • H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Belal, Ambassador of Bangladesh to the Netherlands

    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Executive Director, Women@TheTable, IGC Co-Founder

    Hans de Boer, Chairman, Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers


    Closing remarks by H.E. Peter Lewis, Registrar of the ICC


    Kick off International Womens Week


    IGC Annual Champions Luncheon

    Champions Only Event


    Evening Focal Point Reception

    To kick off a full week of events commemorating

    International Women's Week (because a Day no longer suffices in Geneva)
    IGC Annual Report 2018 Launch
    Working Luncheon Meeting
    Co-Sponsored by Women@theTable and the Canadian Mission to the World Trade Organization, and Mission to the UN Organizations in Geneva
    IGC Focal Point Reception
    Celebrating colleagues making waves & bringing other awesome feminists with them up the ladder into the heart of systems change.

    Reception, Geneva

    4 March 17:00-19:30

    The 2019 Geneva Gender Debate

    Graduate Institute, Geneva

    6 March 18:00-19:30

    Back by popular demand the Graduate Institute / International Gender Champions Geneva Gender Debate.

    With the Motion: This House believes that neutral gender language is not a necessity to achieve gender equality.
    Our incredible line up of Debaters:

    Inger Andersen, Director General, International Union for the Conservation of Nature IUCN, newly appointed Head of UN Environment


    H.E. Ambassador Michael Gaffey, Permanent Representative of Ireland to the UN and International Organizations in Geneva


    Arancha Gonzalez, Executive Director, International Trade Centre


    Elhadj As Sy, Secretary-General, International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies


    Moderator: Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Women@theTable


    Gender Balance Index 2019 launch

    At the Embassy of Switzerland, Ambassador's Residence, London 7 March 17:30

    Promoting gender balance in public-private finance

    OMFIF is launching the sixth annual Gender Balance Index, which tracks the presence of women in senior positions at central banks and sovereign funds.

    Alexandre Fasel, Ambassador, Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom




    Monika Bütler, Member of the Bank Council, Swiss National Bank




    Ghadir Cooper, Global Head of Equities, Barings


    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Founder and Executive

    Director, Women@TheTable


    Martin Taylor, Member of the Financial Policy Committee, Bank of England


    The Smart Feminist City

    CSW Side Event, Church Center for the United Nations, New York

    12 March, 16:30-17:30

    What would a sustainable SMART humanist city  for the 21st century that has gender equality, climate change resilience, and democratic values at the core of its creativity and governance look like?   We call this The Smart Feminist City and will explore visions and plans to make it a reality with urban planners, activists, and funders at this event that also celebrates Women@theTable's first year at CSW with official ECOSOC status.    In collaboration with Plan International.    

    WTO Female Directors Network

    WTO Executive Dining Room, Geneva

    2 April, 12:30-14:00

        Women@theTable's Executive Director and Founder Caitlin Kraft-Buchman will be the Guest Speaker at the WTO Female Directors Network Luncheon.    

    (en)gendering the smart city

    WSIS World Summit on the Information Society

    International Telecommunication Union, Geneva

    11 April, 13:00-14:15

    .Technology with gender at its core - SMART Cities Enabling More Connective Human Experience

    Hosted by Women@theTable & ITU

    Moderator: Ambassador Makeda Antoine-Cambridge, Permanent Representative of Trinidad & Tobago to the UN Office at Geneva

    Panel: Commissioner Adolfo Cuevas, Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones, Mexico

    Tatiana Delgado Fernandez, Vice President, Union of Informatics Professionals Cuba

    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, CEO/Women@theTable

     gender equality

    Fédération Equestre Internationale FEI Sports Forum

    15 April, 09:30-11:00

    The Sports Forum’s first day will begin with a session dedicated to gender equality. Even though equestrian is the only Olympic sport in which men and women compete on equal terms at all levels, improvements, especially regarding representation in governance-related positions (Committees, NFs, etc.) can be improved.

    Women@theTable is thrilled to participate on the opening panel with the President of the Equestrian Federation, one of our International Gender Champions.

    Grassroots Academy

    Huairou Commission, 13 - 14 May,

    0900-1730, Graduate Institute Conference Center

    Women@theTable is overjoyed to be the co-host of the Huairou Commission's Grassroots Academy for over 35 women leaders from Asia, Africa, and Latin America for two days of strategy & advocacy in advance of the formal global platform for disaster risk reduction taking place in Geneva.

    The Smart Feminist City 3.0

    13 May, ITU, 2-3:30

    13th Symposium on ICT, Environment and Climate Change

    The International Telecommunication Union together with Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions Secretariat, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, UN Environment, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UN Global Compact, United Nations Human Settlements Programme, United Nations Industrial Development Organization and UN-Women is organizing the 13th Symposium on ICT, Environment and Climate Change. The theme of this year's Symposium: “The role of frontier technologies in combating climate change and achieving a circular economy".


    Our own Caitlin Kraft-Buchman will speak on the panel: Frontier Innovators: Are We There Yet?

    speaking about The Smart Feminist City 3.0

    Gender Responsive Standards Declaration No Fly signing

    14 May, 11am-1pm, UNECE

    International Standards Bodies, governmental authorities, regional and intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, UN organizations, academic and research institutions will sign on to the Gender Responsive Standards Declaration in the making since 2017.



    @ Women Deliver

    2-6 June, Vancouver

    Women@theTable is delighted to be participating in a series of events at Women Deliver, the triennial conference on women's health now focused on power, and gathering over 8,500 feminists from across the globe to connect and take action on the issues critical to women having agency and influence.

    Women in Big Data 2019

    20-21 June, Zürich


    Panel: “Career Trajectories - A Lifetime of Challenges”


    This 2nd international workshop for women in big data brings together a multi disciplinary group working on Big Data research in academia and industry.

    Organized as part of the National Research Program “Big Data” (NRP 75), administered by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). The focus of NRP 75 is on Big Data research from multiple disciplinary perspectives, tackling a variety of technical, societal, regulatory, and ethical research issues.

    WiBD 2019 cuts across disciplines. It brings together international scholars working on Big Data research with NRP 75 women for talks, posters, panel discussions, as well as informal exchanges. The workshop invites women working on Big Data research to connect with each other, to discuss the challenges they face in their careers as well as in research, and to allow for potential exchanges leading to future research collaboration.




    Women in Big Data 2019

    20-21 June, Zürich


    Keynote: Caitlin Kraft-Buchman Women@theTable

    Triple A - Affirmative Action for Algorithms: A concrete call for action


    Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian media theorist, famously stated that “We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us”.

    If algorithms are fed with sexist data from skewed databases, the writers of algorithms are not taking bias into consideration, AND the algorithms are impossible to audit, what can we do to ensure we do not bake in bias so deeply we will be unable to remove it from machine learning systems.

    This keynote will propose Triple A: Affirmative Action for Algorithms, a concrete call to action to correct the real life bias and barriers that prevent women from achieving full participation and rights. We will examine actions ranging from universities to government to private sector initiatives, pledges, actions, and the opportunity to catalyze a movement.


    Gender Parity in UN Human Rights Bodies & Mechanisms

    27 June, 3:30-4:30, Room VIII,

    Palais de Nations, Geneva

    The Human Rights Council plays a significant role in highlighting issues of concern for the international
    community, encouraging States and UN bodies and agencies to take action to overcome
    situations of discrimination, and setting forward recommendations that promote that agenda.
    In this sense, the HRC can play a fundamental role in overcoming the historic inequality
    faced by women when it comes to participation and representation in international bodies.

    A discussion on the scope and impact of women’s
    underrepresentation in international bodies to explore the different contributions +
    actions that the HRC, and other UN bodies, agencies, and mechanisms, could undertake to
    promote gender parity in international bodies.



    • Opening Remarks: Meskerem Geset Techane, Chair, WG Discrimination against Women in Law & in Practice
    • Baroness Helena Kennedy, Director of the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI)
    • Verónica Birga, Chief of the Women's Human Rights and Gender Section of the OHCHR 
    • Diego Ruiz Gayol, Permanent Mission of Mexico to the UN in Geneva
    • Claudia Martin, Co-Director Academy for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law, GQUAL Campaign Secretariat
    • Moderator: Caitlin Kraft-Buchman Women@theTable

    Chatham House 2019 Gender & Growth Forum

    8-9 July, London

    This annual forum brings together action-oriented policymakers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, activist and academics to generate key policy ideas and support the work of the Women 20 (W20) and other international forums.

    The central idea behind the forum this year is solutions to re-shape the world of work so that it works not only for women but for society as a whole.


    Women At The Table is very proud to be participating with our Call to Action for Affirmative Action for Algorithms on Session Three: Women driving the digital revolution

    Digital technology is fundamentally changing the way we work and live, bringing tremendous opportunities to support the public good, but also risks and new challenges. Blockchain technology, for example, offers a powerful tool to fix sustainability problems in many fields such as supply chain traceability, migrant labour and financial inclusion. But, given the low level of participation of women in the design and development of digital technologies, how can we prevent the amplification of gender discrimination by biased data-sets, models and algorithms in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? This session will examine how we can build ethical, moral, and human values into the future of AI and what governance mechanisms must be in place to minimize AI’s potential harm and maximize its benefits.



    Mark Blick, Head of Government Solutions, Diginex, Hong Kong

    Allison Gardner, Lecturer, Keele University, Co-Founder Women Leading in AI

    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, CEO/Founder, Women at the Table, Switzerland

    Janneke Niessen, Founder, Capital IT, The Netherlands


    Moderator: Emily Taylor, Associate Fellow, International Security Department, and Editor, Journal of Cyber Policy, Chatham House; CEO, Oxford Information Labs


    Human Rights Council Annual Panel Discussion on the integration of a gender perspective in the work of the Human Rights Council and its mechanisms

    23 September

    4-6pm CET, Human Rights Council,

    Palais des Nations, Geneva

    Panel discussion will be broadcast live and archived on http://webtv.un.org


    The 2019 panel discussion themeGender-responsive initiatives to accelerate gender equality’ will focus on gender parity as a key element of gender equality and how it contributes to the integration of a gender perspective in the work of the Human Rights Council and its mechanisms.

    The panel will analyze new gender-responsive initiatives, such as gender responsive assemblies, and how they have potential to drive effective change within the HRC and its mechanisms.


    • Women@theTable & Founder Caitlin Kraft-Buchman  have been asked to 

    Moderate the Annual Panel Discussion  


    •  Ms Elizabeth S. Salmón, Chair of the Human Rights Council Advisory Committee
    •  Ms Alejandra Vicente, Member of the Secretariat of the GQUAL Campaign and Head of Law at REDRESS, and others. 
    • Ms Kate Gilmore, United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights will provide an opening statement at the panel discussion.

    IGC-Vienna Champions Meeting

    8 October


    Vienna International Conference Center, VIC

    Conference Room 4


    Opening Remarks H.E. Ambassador Barbara Zvokeli, Permanent Representative of Slovenia to the UN, OSCE, and other International Organizations in Vienna


    Introductory Remarks Yury Fedotov, Director-General/Executive Director United Nations Office at Vienna, and UN Office on Drugs and Crime


    Intervention Arancha Gonzalez, Executive Director International Trade Centre, and Chair of IGC Global Board


    IGC Impact Groups, Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Co-Founder IGC, CEO / Founder Women@theTable


    Interactive Champion discussion on IGC Impact Groups



    Ada Lovelace Day Launch

    <A+> Alliance Website

    8 October



    Launch of the <A+> Alliance Website




    with Women@theTable and wonderful partner Ciudadania Inteligente


    Women's Rights, Women's Lives

    10 October 1:00pm - 2:30 pm

    Women@theTable offices

    in collaboration with IPPF


    Frontline women from

    • the Egyptian Family Planning Association,
    • Reproductive and Family Health Association of Fiji, 
    •  CIES Centro de Investigacion, Educacion, y Servicios, Bolivia 

    will share personal stories about their day-to-day work and shine a spotlight on the human rights challenges women and girls face daily in the intersection of their work and the broader human rights and development agendas.


    Seeking to move beyond traditional conversations this briefing is in an opportunity to hear directly frontline women on how peace-building, civic space, health, education, climate change, sustainability and indigenous rights are all inextricably linked to the rights of women and girls including SRHR.


    The discussion will be held under Chatham House Rules. Invitation Only.

    A light lunch will be served.



    26-27 October, London


    'Coding Gender Equality: Affirmative Action for Algortihms'

    a Learning Forum at MozFest led by our partners at Ciudadania Inteligente to explore our <A+> Alliance Declaration and Action Plan.


    The theme of the Mozilla Festival this year is

    "Healthy AI"

    & the <A+> Alliance will be there

    with a side event featuring our new Alliance and what developers can do to take action and join.


    'Explore how machines are making decisions for us now, and what AI advances are on the horizon. Together we’ll brainstorm ways to bring more social responsibility, ethics, and user agency to AI... today, and in the future.'

    H22 Summit

    The making of a smarter city

    5-6 November, Helsingborg


    How Innovation will Change our Cities?

    A full two days in Helsingborg, Sweden at the H22 Summit in one of the smartest cities in the world.


    Women@theTable is incredibly proud to be there 'In Conversation' with a Deep Talk onstage on 'AI & Equality'.

    Paris Peace Forum

    11-13 November, Paris


    The International Gender Champions take the stage again after being picked as one of the ten projects the Paris Paris Forum chose to honor and follow in the first year of Paris Peace Forum existence 2018-2019.

    Reykjavík Global Forum

    18-20 November, Reykjavik


    The Reykjavík Global Forum is where women leaders discuss and share ideas and solutions on how to further advance society,

    annually co-hosted by Women Political Leaders (WPL), and the Government and Parliament of Iceland.

    Each year the Forum invites 450 leaders from around the globe, including Presidents and Prime Ministers and other public figures, as well as leaders from business, academia, civil society, arts, media and more who are playing a vital role in their respective fields sharing ideas, insights and experiences.

    Women@theTable is thrilled to be invited this year.

    BSI Standards Conference & Awards

    21 November, London


    Standards Conference, featuring the BSI Standards Awards, to focus on future trends and a global perspective.


    Closing Plenary


    The theme of the discussion for the closing panel will be addressing human needs in standards, including how to be inclusive of human diversity/differences.

    • Nike Folayan - Chairperson, Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers 
    • Wilson Wong - Head of Insight & Futures, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
    • Caitlin Kraft-Buchman - CEO / Founder, Women@TheTable
    • Stephanie Eynon - Standards-Makers Development and Engagement Manager, BSI



    Internet Governance Forum, IGF

    25-29 November, Berlin



    <A+> Alliance is honored to have its official launch during the Internet Governance Forum co-hosted

    with and by GIZ, the service provider for economic cooperation and development of the German government.


    Launch <A+> Alliance

    26 November



    Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 23

    10969 Berlin



    Private Briefing

    Data Scientists & Social Scientists

    27 November


    Room Estrel 4 at IGF








    Smart & sustainable cities: the role of governance and innovation policy

    5 December, Geneva

    Room XII,

    Palais des Nations

    Policy makers and representatives of cities, business, civil society and academia will share experiences from the ECE region on how to promote innovation in an urban context, how innovation can help solve sustainability challenges in cities, how to run cities in innovative ways so that technology benefits everyone and citizens can participate actively, and on what policy makers at all levels can do to facilitate the transition to smart sustainable cities.


    Women@theTable is proud to participate on the Opening Plenary: Cities as hubs of sustainability & innovation


    Moderator: Salvatore Zecchini, Chairman, UNECE Team of Specialists on Innovation and
    Competitiveness Policies


    Alice Charles, Lead, Cities, Infrastructure and Urban Services, World Economic Forum

    Aziza Akhmouch, Head of the Cities, Urban Policies and Sustainable Development Division,
    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, CEO, Women@theTable

    Miguel Eiras Antunes, Partner, Deloitte PLC

    Stefan Webb, Director, Connected Places Catapult, United Kingdom

    Stephanie Trepkov, World Bank

    Robert Lewis-Lettington, Chief, Legislation Unit, UN-HABITAT



    Young Activists Summit

    Women and Girls Driving Progress

    10 + 11 December, Geneva


    On the occasion of Human Rights Day, Women at the Table is delighted to officially participate in the Young Activists Summit – Women and Girls Driving Progress. The event organised by the UN, RTS and dev.tv will bring together together six young female activists, with Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad as the guest of honour.

    11 December, Graduate Institute Geneva.
    At individual working sessions for the six activists we will share practical knowledge and technical tools with the amazing Memory Banda who we have been asked to mentor.

    We must amplify the voices of young women, and celebrate both the potential and power of youth as agents of change !




    Women Leaders Roundtable Luncheon

    18 December, Geneva


    On the occasion of the Global Refugee Forum, a diverse range of participants from governments, private sector, philanthropy, civil society, academia, and refugee women will gather to discuss the role women in situations of displacement can play in peace and security, development and humanitarian action.




  • Partnerships & Collaborations 2019

    Women@TheTable is honored to be collaborating with some trailblazing organizations, and their exceptional members & grantees in 2019 including...

    The Oak Foundation

    Issues Affecting Women Programme

    Oak: building a strong and vibrant movement of women who are empowered individually and collectively to challenge patriarchal norms and tackle the root causes of inequality.

    International Gender Champions

    Geneva, New York, Vienna, Nairobi, Den Haag

    A leadership network that brings together female & male decision-makers to break down gender barriers for system change.

    Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

    United Nations and International Organizations Division

    w@tt is extremely proud to be the Gender Platform working with the Swiss Government to highlight the Geneva Gender Experience in multilateral fora.

    Republique et Canton de Genève

    post tenebras lux

    w@tt is grateful for the support of the Republique et Canton de Genève.

    Paris Peace Forum

    Chosen to be one of ten projects followed by the Paris Peace Forum over the year. IGC will help open the 2019 edition.


    Inter-Parliamentary Union

    Co-Chairs w/ w@tt & Sweden of the IGC Representation Impact Group


    International Trade Centre

    Co-Chairs w/ Iceland & Botswana of the IGC Trade Impact Group


    UN Economic Commission for Europe

    Initiative for Gender-Responsive Standards


    UN Institute for Disarmament Research

    Co-Chairs w/ Ireland, Canada, Namibia of the IGC Disarmament Impact Group


    International Trade Centre (ITC) Women & Trade Programme

    bringing one million women to market by 2020

    Graduate Institute Geneva

    Credit Suisse

    Working on w@tt's idea for Open Source Software that can track women's participation & influence in international fora


    United Nations Economic and Social Council

    w@tt is extremely proud to have achieved ECOSOC status at the UN in 2018.

    Plan International


    UN Conference on Trade & Development

    World Bank Group

    Women, Business & The Law

    Women in Global Health

    Increasing the visibility and recognition of women’s contributions to global health & achieving gender equality in global health leadership.

    Wamama Tujenge


    Batisseuses de la Paix.

    Stories of ordinary women creating extraordinary change in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with partner Julienne Lusenge, recipient of  French Legion of Honour, Amnesty International’s Ginetta Sagan Award & 2018 International Women's Rights Award.

    Media Matters for Women

    Our partner in Wamama Tujenge, Media Matters for Women is at the forefront of harnessing the potential of mobile phones to address the unmet information needs of women and girls in rural Africa. 

    Huairou Commission

    Women, Homes, Communities

    A global coalition empowering grassroots women leaders in development and policy-making around the world.


    Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global pro bono legal programme connecting high-impact NGOs and social enterprises working to create social and environmental change with the best law firms and corporate legal teams to provide them with free legal assistance and groundbreaking legal research.

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