• 2021


    CEDAW Briefing

    17 February

    Virtual Geneva

    Women at the Table have been asked to brief the CEDAW Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women experts on on artificial intelligence and algorithms and women’s rights and gender equality.

    The briefing follows on from our brief to the European Commission Gender Equality Unit in the spring. We hope to make a clear case to CEDAW about the outsized impact biased artificial intelligence is having and will continue exponentially on the lives of women and girls in every corner of the world.

    International Women's Day / International Women's Week / International Women's Month


    Virtual Globe



    Women at the Table, the <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms, & the f<a+i>r feminist AI research network will be doing a series of International Women's Day events to celebrate Feminist AI and Technology & Innovation in March

    AI & SDGS: Gender & Technology

    5 March

    12-1 CET

    The Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy, Graduate Institute Geneva + London-based think tank Global Policy Insight and AI Policy Lab series on AI & SDGs


    Panel with:

    Ivana Bartoletti, Co-Founder, Women Leading in AI Network; Visiting Policy Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute

    Lowri Angharad Rees, UN Women

    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Women at the Table / <A+> Alliance


    Jérôme Duberry, Research Associate & Lecturer, Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy


    CGIAR: International Women's Day Keynote

    8 March

    Virtual 12:30-13:30CET

    CGIAR is the world’s largest global agricultural innovation network, with 15 Research Centers operating in 108 countries, working with 3,000+ partners, currently transitioning to One CGIAR.


    We're super excited to address the CGIAR family to focus on Women in Leadership on IWD, a particularly critical issue for women in research and science, and in food systems response.

    Gender Equality, Women's Leadership, Democracy & Algorithmic bias

    12 March

    Virtual 12:00 CST; 18:00CET

    with Youth Leaders and Youth Professionals (YLYP) of the Committee on the Status of Women (CSW)



    • Raesetje Sefala, AI Researcher at Mila (Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute) and a computer science Master's student at Wits University, Johannesburg.  creating ground truth datasets and using machine learning to study spatial segregation in South Africa, post-Apartheid.
    • Sofia Kypraiou, Data Science  École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne  exploring and enhancing a practical toolbox for AI and Human rights.
    • Joana Varon  affiliated to the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Executive Directress and Creative Chaos Catalyst at Coding Rights (Brazil),  Technology and Human Rights Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy from Harvard Kennedy School.


    Moderator: Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, CEO/Founder, Women at the Table, co-founder <A+> Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms

    Feminist AI:

    A Regional Snapshot

    14 March 1400-1530 CET

    VirtualMozFest, Amsterdam

    Networking Event at Trustworthy AI Hackathon @MozFest


    Networking event within the hackathon supported by

    Building Trustworthy AI working group,

    hosted by AI IRL Space

    to help the Feminist AI Regional networks supported by <A+> Alliance & f<a+i>r share global perspectives & foster greater network/coalition building.


    Renata Avila, co-founder <A+> Alliance

    Paola Ricaurte, Tecnologico Monterrey

    Jaime Gutiérrez, Tecnologico Costa Rica

    Raya Sharbain, Jordan Open Source Association

    Sorja Hongladarom, Chulalongkorn University

    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Women at the Table / <A+> Alliance


    Open to all Mozfest participants.

    CSW: G-App Side Event

    18 March


    0930-1100EST /1530-1700CET

    The G-app: Gender Gap Application measures on which topics women are speaking, for how long, in which capacity and with what authority.

    International Organisations provide the space and infrastructure for deciding the direction of the international community. Ensuring that a plurality of voices are heard is key for these decisions to have legitimacy. But how is this plurality measured? Do we understand the duration of time or the subjects on which women speak in international fora? Do we understand in which capacity women speak: as decision makers, as experts, or experientially? It's not sufficient for women merely to be present, or even to speak in the conference chamber, they must also have influence in outcomes.

    CSW: Green New Deal Side Event

    24 March


    1030-1200EST / 1630-1800CET

    Women's political participation in climate justice movements and the intersection with technology.

    • Zainab Yunusa, Gender + Youth activist from UNFCCC's Youngo focused on COP-26
    • Fotini Bakadimi, Green Member of Hellenic Parliament
    •  Mozilla's Environment Director newly incorporating climate + internet
    •  Women at the Table  moderator.

    <AI & Equality> Human Rights Toolbox

    26 March

    VirtualEPFL, Lausanne


    Why and where can algorithms produce inequality outcomes? Why and where can algorithms be gender biased? How can a human rights-based approach be applied to computer algorithms that engage, reason about, and make decisions on people?


    A workshop to further integrate concepts of intersectionality and bring work to the next step to draw clear lines from human rights principles to code, with a unique blend of human rights law and data science.


    A collaboration between Women at the Table, UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, & EPFL.

    A first in a series of workshops.


    Generation Equality

    29-31 March

    VirtualMexico City

    The Generation Equality Forum is scheduled to kick off in Mexico City as an intergenerational and intersectional global gathering for gender equality, convened by UN Women and co-chaired by the governments of Mexico and France, in partnership with civil society.


    This event has three specific objectives:

    • Preparation of Action Coalitions including Technology & Innovation of which <A+> Alliance / Women at the Table are leaders

    • Development of a multilateral feminist strategy to propose and promote accelerated changes towards gender equality in the coming years.

    • Formation of a multilateral alliance of countries to promote the gender equality agenda.

    Global Digital Development Forum

    5 May

    Virtual. 16 hours of timezones

    1900-1930 GMT Closing Keynote


    • Closing Keynote:  Leveraging AI and Data for Inclusion and Systems Change

      •  How can new technologies can be leveraged for systems change and tech design be leveraged to foster gender equality and inclusion. 
      •   #GDDF21. https://digitaldevforum.com/agenda/
    •  Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Co-Founder, <A+> Alliance, CEO and Founder, Women at the Table
    • Dr. Tara Cookson, Assistant Professor of Gender and Development, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia

    AI for Good:

    Developing Girl’s Digital & AI Skills

    for More Inclusive AI for All

    25 May 1500-1630 CET Virtual


    • Ecem Yilmazhaliloglu, Founder of Technoladies; WEF AI Youth Council Member/Representative of Turkey, Diversity Advocate, and AI4ALL alumnus
    • Alisha Arora , Founder at The HopeSisters, AI for good advocate, Mental Health Change Maker

    • Aki Enkenberg, Senior Adviser of Development Policy: Digital Cooperation, Technology & Innovation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland

    • Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Women at the Table​

    • Moderator: Patty Alleman, Senior Advisor, Gender Equality, UNICEF

    A joint collaboration of the Generation Equality Forum Action Coalition for Technology & Innovation for Gender Equality: UNICEF, ITU, Finland, the <A+> Alliance

    To Register:


    ETH Zürich #FemTech Summit

    26 + 27 May

    Virtual. 1545-2030 CET



    REGISTER: https://hopin.com/events/eth-zurich-femtech-summit


    Event is free, but registration needed for entry




    DAY ONE. Wednesday May 26th


    15:45-16:00. Opening Remarks

    • Dr. Vera Regitz-Zagrosek, Cardiologist and Founder, Institute of Gender in Medicine at Charité Berlin and of the International Society Gender Medicine (IGM)


    16:00-17:30. Panel One
    Innovative Tracking + Screening in Gynecology  

    • Leon A. Boston, CEO of Mobile ODT: using artificial intelligence for cervical screening, evaluation, and sexual assault forensics.
    • Siew-Veena, Founder of Testmate Health: at home STD Kits
    • Dr. Sonali Mohanty Quantius, Founder of Haplomind: supporting perinatal depression and anxiety.

    17:45-19:00. Panel Two
    Gathering Female Specific Data Sets by Innovative Means

    • Laura Symul, Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford, whose research focuses on women’s health and menstrual health in particular. This includes research on fertility, on cycle-related symptoms and on drivers of changes in vaginal microbiome communities. She uses a combination of self-tracked data from mobile phone apps and devices and clinical multi-omics data.
    • Eric Dy, CEO + Co-Founder of Bloom Life: remote personalised maternal and fetal healthcare.
    • Marina Pavlovic Rivas, CEO + Co-Founder of Eli Health: a product monitoring hormones in saliva at home to enable women to make informed decisions about their reproductive and general health
    • Sarah Kerruish, Chief Strategy Officer of Kheiron Medical: using artificial intelligence to help radiologists detect breast cancer.

    19:15-19:30 Closing Remarks

    • Dr. Carole Clair, Faculty of Biology & Medicine, University of Lausanne, specialising in the differences in clinical management induced by the gender of patients. She is also co-head of the department of training, research and innovation at the Center of general medicine and public health. She is a doctor who graduated from the University of Lausanne, FMH specialist in general internal medicine, Master in Science in Epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health.

    19:30-20:30 Attendee Mingling/Networking on Hopin


    ETH Zürich #FemTech Summit

    26 + 27 May. Virtual.

    1645-2130 CET



    REGISTER: https://hopin.com/events/eth-zurich-femtech-summit

    Event is free, but registration needed for entry


    DAY TWO  Thursday May 27th


    16:45-17:00 Opening remarks:

    • Dr. Brigitte Leeners, Director of the Clinic for Reproductive Endocrinology at the University Hospital Zurich who will speak about what the daily life of a patient that comes to her looks like/ the issues they face and how innovative technologies can help with treatment/ facilitate their daily life

    17:00-18:30. Panel One
    The Future of Contraception + Fertility

    • Dr. Lynae Brayboy, Chief Medical Officer, Clue: an FDA approved menstrual tracking app
    • Pascal Koenig, CEO + Co-Founder, AVA: a bracelet that tracks multiple physiological parameters, including pulse rate, breathing rate, and temperature in order to detect the five most fertile days of a woman’s cycle in real time, while also delivering personalized insight about reproductive health and pregnancy
    • Frederik Petursson Madsen, CEO + Co-Founder, Oui: a new approach to contraception that works by topically engineering the cervical mucus to provide effective contraception with minimal side-effects.
    • Eirini Rapti, CEO + Founder, Inne: which uses the hormones found in saliva to determine a woman’s most fertile window thus acting as both a fertility aid or a form of contraception


    18:45-20:15. Panel Two
    Gynecological Pain + Symptom Management

    • Alexandra Alvergne, an Oxford Fellow and CNRS researcher whose research focuses on understanding the relationship between reproduction and female health, including working on contraceptive dynamics, infection and menstrual health, diversity in age at menopause and the impact of reproduction on ageing.
    • Dr. Sari Prutchi Sagiv, VP of R&D, Gynica : a medical company researching and developing cannabinoid solutions to target gynaecological symptoms and diseases.
    • Cécil Réal, Co-Founder + CEO, EndoDiag: company developing new endometriosis diagnostic solutions for healthcare professionals. These solutions are intended to contribute to a better endometriosis diagnosis, a more personalized patient management, more efficient treatment options and fertility strategy.
    • Chantelle Bell & Anya Roy, Co-Founders, Syrona Health : a startup that tracks endo and health symptoms, and allows users to access a community of patients with similar symptoms as well as providing doctor approved insights.

    20:15-20:30 Closing Remarks

    • Dr. Sarah Springman, Rector, ETH Zürich 


    20:30-21:30 Post Event Mingling/Networking on Hopin



    7. June. 19:30 to 20:30 CET Virtual

    RightsCon 7-11 June

    <A+> Alliance is super excited to host & moderate a panel on


    • Pamela Coke-Hamilton, Executive Director, International Trade Centre
    • Aurora Díaz-Rato Revuelta, Ambassador, Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Spain to the United Nations Office at Geneva and other International Organisations 
    • Jarmo Sareva, Ambassador for Innovation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland

    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Moderator

    Design the Future of Global Governance

    29 June - 2 July

    Join us at the University of Geneva Summer School


    Learn from innovation practitioners and international experts      

    • United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
    • International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
    • International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
    • Nonprofits (Women at the Table, AI Policy Lab, Open Geneva, Diplo Foundation)
    • Large tech companies (Microsoft)

    Generation Equality Forum: Action Coalition on Technology & Innovation for Gender Equality (TIGE)

    1 July 1500-1700 CET

    <A+> Alliance and our co-leaders of the Tech & Innovation Action Coalition for Gender Equality:


    UNICEF, ITU, Microsoft, Rockefeller Foundation, Salesforce, Global Fund for Women, Social Builder, Digital Grassroots, Koç Holdings, and Governments of Finland, Chile, Armenia, Tunisia and Rwanda


    as we share our Commitments, bond with other Commitment Makers, and begin the journey to make more systemic and transformational change happen in tech & innovation for gender equality.

    Generation Equality Forum: Promoting Feminist & Inclusive Artificial Intelligence

    2 July 1600-1645 CET. An Official GEF Side Event

    JOIN US as we launch our Feminist & Inclusive AI initiative for three years of papers--> protoypes --> pilots supported by IDRC


    Dominique Charron, IDRC’s Vice-President, Programs and Partnerships

    Paola Ricaurte,Associate Professor, Department of Media and Digital Culture, Tecnológico de Monterrey & Faculty Associate, Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University

    Dr. Soraj Hongladarom, Professor of Philosophy; Director, Center for Science, Technology, and Society, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok

    Raya Sharbain is the Program Coordinator at Jordan Open Source Association, Amman


    Feminist & Inclusive AI

    Feminist AI‘s goal is Inclusive AI harnessed to deliver equality outcomes; designed with inclusion at the core; creating new opportunities & proactive, innovative correction of inequities.

    Global Launch

    <Incubating Feminist AI>

    14 September 1530-1700 CET

    REGISTER: https://bit.ly/fairGlobal

    JOIN US as we launch our Feminist & Inclusive AI initiative


    Special Guest: Dr Nuria Oliver,

    <A+< Advisory Board Member, IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow, 2021 Abbie Award Winner for Technical Leadership


    Feminist & Inclusive AI

    Feminist AI‘s goal is Inclusive AI harnessed to deliver equality outcomes; designed with inclusion at the core; creating new opportunities & proactive, innovative correction of inequities.

    <AI & Equality> Human Rights Toolbox

    6 October 1600-1900 CET


    Critical Data Studies (CDS)

    Masters Level part of a new bundle of interdisciplinary optional courses opened to students from UNIL and EPFL


    Hosted by

    Charlotte Mazel-Cabasse

    Executive Director

    Center for Digital Humanities Unil-EPFL

    We will explore the Toolbox with Sofia Kypraiou (who recently completed her Masters Thesis at EPFL on the topic) with expert intervention from Asako Hattori (OHCHR).


    Ada Lovelace Day <A+> Alliance Regional Events 

    12 October

    Watch this space for events from <A+> Alliance Regional Partners:


    LAC: Tec Monterrey

    MENA: Jordan Open Source Association

    SEAsia: Chulalongkorn University



    AI Recruitment: Digital Dream or Dystopia of Bias?

    28 October

    University of Oxford reading group on algorithmic management / AI in the workplace where Women at the Table will discuss its recent paper: AI Recruitment: Digital Dream or Dystopia of Bias?


    The participants are graduate students and faculty from across various disciplines, including Law, Economics, Computer Science, and Sociology at Oxford University.



    Paris Peace Forum

    11-13 November

    The <A+> Alliance is thrilled to be one of eighty projects selected for the Paris Peace Forum held every year with the aim to place global governance at the top of the international agenda.


    Join us to help to transform the global conversation on algorithms  and algorithmic decision-making to include gender, race and equality



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