Women at the Table

Some examples of our recent work: 

Subject matter expertise and consultancy to partners of the digital ecosystem on the gender digital divide regarding trend technologies  
– Including on the Data Economy and GovStack initiatives

Training on gender equality and intersectionality in international development cooperation for Digi-Cluster staff
– Including the  Fast Track Human Rights Tour: Gender & Digital Universe
– Overseeing the Gender Innovation Challenge
– Delivering  full day modules on Gender & Intersectionality

Gender Advisors for  Artificial Intelligence for Development (AI4D) Initiative

  • Design and implementation of project activities 
  • Mentorship and peer learning support to AI4D hubs
    – notably  Climate Change 
    – Gender Responsive AI Network
  •  Oversee knowledge synthesis activities Knowledge synthesis
    – Develop methodology 
    – Collect data and write up

Gender & Inclusive AI Research Innovation Challenge AI4D
Competitive funding to  develop and contribute to foundational knowledge that strengthens the growing field of applied gender-responsive and inclusive AI research.

  • Design concept & write up; Circulate Call, webinars and FAQs; Review & select applications, including matrix with scoring criteria; Knowledge synthesis & learning report; Work with grantees, including monitoring and reporting: Peer learning workshops preparation and delivery.
  • Projects include:
    – Strengthening the capacity of women and marginalised communities in Africa’s Agriculture and Food Systems to harness the potentials of AI technology
    – Women Experience Privacy Differently: A Gender toolkit for Inclusive AI in Education
    – Inclusive Interventions to Address Systemic Barriers and Promote Inclusion of Women in AI: Case of Tanzania
    – Yebanbo – Supporting Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Through an Open Artificial Intelligence (AI) Toolbox
    – Where are the African women in AI? A Venture Capital experiment
    – The Essential Questions: Integrating Gender & Inclusion into Machine Learning PhD research


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Strengthening Research MLE & Ethics Practices using AI & LLMs

  • Expert Group
  • Gender Expert Module on Gender & Generative AI
  • Gender & Intersectionality in Generative AI for grantees
    Asia / Africa
    – Africa / LAC

Enabling the development of Inclusive Standards – Understanding the role of data and data analysis 
(open to public consultation  Jan 2022)
– Technical Authorship


Last modified: November 1, 2023

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