• Women@TheTable


    Because a woman's place is at the decision-making table.

    in governance. in the economy. in technology.

    in education. in sustainability. in sport. in peace.


  • what we do

    Make gender visible on the global stage.




    Make gender a discussion point

    in the larger mainstream debate

    on the economy, governance, technology, sustainability, sport,
    and peace.


    Create spaces on mainstream platforms.



    Invent new platforms

    for women to be visible,

    have their voices heard,

    and to have influence.

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    International Gender Champions is a leadership network that brings together male & female decision-makers to break down gender barriers.


    An initiative co-founded by the

    Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva,

    the Ambassador of the US Mission to the United Nations in Geneva,

    and Women@TheTable.



  • women@thetable = w@tt


     equal numbers of dynamic, progressive women at the decision-making table

    = a unit of power, energy flow per unit time, something that needs to be harnessed in order to be released in its most potent form. 


    Our Mission

    Support, Propel

    Coalesce & Scale 


    leaders who articulate the need for

    equal numbers of women

    @decision-making tables wherever that metaphorical table may be.

    Our Vision

    galvanize the voices of humanists, particularly women so that women's voices & their unique points of view are heard, and acted upon in the corridors of power.

    Create more platforms. Fuel more conversations. Make a movement.

    This is the moment to move the needle.


    We need to join forces

    to coalesce & scale achievable goals of 

    equal numbers of women and men  @decision-making tables everywhere.

  • 2016

    Pleased to share some of our events with you here:

    2 February

    Geneva Gender Champions:

    Working Group to Plan for 2016

    4 February

    Salon Series:

    Men & Boys, Women & Girls:

    Preventing Gender-Based Violence

    w/ Special Guest Nazir Afzal OBE

    22 - 26 February

    Geneva Gender Champions:

    Double XX Economy & Saïd Business School Interviews w/

    Champions + Focal Points

    7 & 8 March

    International Women's Day


    GGC @ the UNOG Library

    on Unconscious Bias



    6, 14, 19, 27 April

    Geneva Gender Champions Impact Groups:

    • 6:     Talent Development    Chair: WHO & WIPO  @WIPO
    • 14: UN SWAP & HR                         Chair: UNOG & OHCHR 
    • 19:   Delegations & Panels  Chair: ITU  @ITU
    • 27:   International Fora      Chair: France   @Palais



    22 April

    Brown Bag Impact #1:

    co-hosted at the GCSP


    The impact of women’s rights work: the impossible (?) task of charting progress from grass roots to the international level.

    Experiences and exasperations of a foreign policy official.

    Lunch with Chris Lomax /

    UK Mission


    27 April

    Tech Assembly:

    Visions of the Future from Women Technologists

    The Greek Theatre, La Grande Boissière, International School of Geneva

    27 April

    Geneva Gender Champions:

    Focal Point Working Group Meeting, @UNOG

    17 May

    Geneva Gender Champions:

    Champion Mid Term Review

    with Guest Panelists:

    Peter Maurer, President, International Committee of the Red Cross

    Martin Chungong, Secretary-General, Inter-Parliamentary Union

    Janet Voûte, Global Head of Public Affairs, Nestlé


    and Mid Term Remarks:

    Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto, US Mission to UNOG

    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Founder, Women@TheTable

    Michael Møller, Director-General,

    United Nations Office in Geneva

    20 May

    Brown Bag Impact #2:

    co-hosted at the GCSP


    How do we break down gender barriers in the international arena?

    Practical steps for Member States and UN entities to move the gender agenda forward at upcoming intergovernmental meetings.

    Lunch with Meg Riggs, US Mission

    & Saori Terada, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights


    7 June

    Leadership Presence: What does it Take ?

    a extraordinary workshop led by Professor Ginka Toegel of IMD

    for the Geneva Gender Champions Impact Group on Talent Development

    hosted @ WIPO

    16 June

    Gender Equality Extravaganza:

    a side event at the Human Rights Council


    w/ the Geneva Gender Champions, the Power of Empowered Women, the Barbershop,

    Breaking the Silence actors Katrina Syran & Femi Elofowoju jr,

    Baroness Joyce Anelay, UK Minister of State,

    High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein,

    YWCA Youth Delegation from Canada/Ghana, Myanmar, Brazil and Zimbabwe

    Ambassador Julian Braithwaite, UK

    Ambassador Yvette Stevens, Sierre Leone

    Ambassador Martin Elyofsson, Iceland

    Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto, US

    Ambassador Suraya Dalil, Afghanistan

    Secretary General Martin Chungong, Inter-Parliamentary Union

    Ambassador for Women & Girls Natasha Stott Despoja, Australia

    28 June

    Brown Bag Impact #3:

    co-hosted by the GCSP


    Commitments 2.0

    Looking forward

    What’s working? What’s not? Why not? What’s been most promising?

    How do we make the next round truly S.M.A.R.T. and how do we maximize our efforts to put gender consistently on the international agenda.

    Join us with members of the GGC Steering Committee in intimate conversation and our famous sandwiches.


    Open to both Champions & Focal Points

    14 July


    Geneva Gender Champions: Focal Point Meeting

    Commitments 2.0:

    Looking forward to our new evaluation tool & October's

    1- year review @UNOG


    1 September

    Geneva Gender Champions:

    Salon for Focal Point

    & Reception


    Rentrée & Thank You

    Hosted by US Mission


    Great Lakes Radio launch:


    Wamama Tujenge:

    Femmes Construisons

    Paix. Stabilité. Société



    13 September

    Geneva Gender Champions Impact Group:


    How can we incentivize

    capitols to send gender-balanced delegations to achieve our long-term equality, long-term innovation, and sustainability goals?

    Chair: ITU

    Lunch hosted by ITU

    5 September

    Geneva Gender Champions Impact Group:

    UN SWAP & Organizational Policies

    with Special Guest Champion Jan Beagle, Deputy Executive Director UN AIDS

    hosted at UN AIDS

    Co-Chairs: OHCHR & UNOG

    28 September

    WTO Public Forum:

    Women’s Economic Empowerment & Trade:

    Contributing to the Deliberations & Recommendations of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment

    with panelists:

    • Ambassador Yvette Stevens, Sierra Leone
    • Ambassador Daniel Blockert, Sweden
    • Linda Kromjong, Secretary General, International Organization of Employers
    • Jos Verbeek, World Bank Group
    • Vanessa Erogbogbo, Women & Trade Programme, International Trade Centre
    • Manuela Tomei, Conditions of Work and Employment Programme, International Labour Organization
    • Moderated by :   
    • Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, Women@theTable 
    • Katherine Hagen, Global Social Observatory


    6 October

    Geneva Gender Champions:



    Opening Remarks

    UNOG Director-General Michael Møller

    UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka.


    Screening followed by

    Women & politics: beyond the right to vote


    IPU Secretary-General Martin Chungong

    Ambassador Walid Doudech, Tunisia 

    Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, CEO/Founder Women@theTable


    Co-Hosted by GGC & Cine-ONU

    5 October

    Brown Bag #4


    How does it work? How do we use CEDAW recommendations to deepen our work?

    Special Guest: Patricia Schulz, Member UN CEDAW Committee

    Former Head of the Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality


    Co-Hosted by Women@theTable & GCSP

    3 November

    Brown Bag #5

    The elusive Gender Audit*

    What is it? Why do we need it ? And how we can use it in our work in International Geneva?


    Special Guest: Sue Harris Rimmer, Visiting Fellow, Graduate Institute Gender Centre; Australian Research Council Future Fellow, Asia Pacific College of Diplomacy


    *Gender Audit, an assessment tool and process for organizations to use in identifying. staff perceptions of how gender issues are addressed in their programming portfolio and internal organizational processes.


    Co-Hosted by Women@theTable & GCSP

    With Support from the Permanent Mission of Australia



    2 November

    Geneva Gender Champions:


    Champions One Year Anniversary Reception





    1 December

    Invested in Equality


    Men, Women, Masculinities, Gender Equality

    and Leadership in the 21st Century


    Inaugural Lecturer: Professor Michael Kimmel, Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities, Stonybrook University


    30 November - In partnership with Advance:

    Leadership in the 21st Century, Zürich


    1 December - In partnership with the US Mission:

    Lunchtime SALON on Men, Organizations, and Power


    1 December - In partnership with the Graduate Institute, the US Mission,

    United Nations Office at Geneva & W@tt

    Invested in Equality

    Keynote with Michael Kimmel


    Roberto Azevêdo, Director-General, World Trade Organization

    Pamela Hamamoto, US Ambassador to the United Nations

    Michael Møller, Director-General, United Nations Office at Geneva

    Andrea Pedrazzini, CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland


    TO REGISTER: http://graduateinstitute.ch/lang/en/pid/11078/_/events/gender/2016/invested-in-equality-dr-michael


    8 December

    Brown Bag #6

    Engaging men and boys to prevent domestic violence


    With Special Guest:

    Lana Wells, Associate Professor at the University of Calgary and Brenda Stafford Chair in the Prevention of Domestic Violence.


    With Support from the Permanent Mission of Canada



    February, April & June 2017


    Men & Masculinities Lecture Series:

    Invested in Equality


    • 22-23 February  
    • 26-28 April
    •  13-15 June


    March 1 & 2, 2017


    Breakthrough Barriers:

    Women in the Public Sphere


    co-produced by The Wilson Center's Women in Public Service Project & Women@theTable


    hosted by Graduate Institute, Geneva



    Breakthrough Barriers:

    Women in the Public Sphere


    co-produced by The Wilson Center's Women in Public Service Project & Women@theTable


    hosted by Graduate Institute, Geneva

  • Partnerships & Collaborations 2016

    Women@TheTable is thrilled to be collaborating with some trailblazing organizations, and their exceptional members & grantees this coming year, that include...

    International Gender Champions

    International Gender Champions 

    with UNOG,

    the US Mission, & w@tt

    powered by 120+ Champions


    International Organizations,

    Permanent Missions &

    Civil Society

    The Salon Series

    Breakthrough Barriers:

    Women in the Public Sphere

    The Oak Foundation

    Issues Affecting Women

    Wamama Tujenge:

    Great Lakes Radio Pilot

    with Fonds Femmes Congolaises &

    Media Matters for Women

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  • 2015 Collaborations

    Women@TheTable was honored to collaborate with some of these organizations,

    and their exceptional members & grantees in 2015 our first year of operation.

    2015     WILPF:

    Women Stop War

    Video & DIY Storycorps

    in The Hague

    2015 Trailblazers' Summit & WVEF: Women Vendors' Exhibition & Forum

    Conference in São Paolo

    2015     Peace in a Time of Hatred:

    UNSCR 1325

    Forum to celebrate the 15th anniversary of SCR 1325

    2015   Les femmes de RDC:


    Fonds Femmes Congolaises

    2015      ITC: 

    1st international forum on women in business


     Fostering Innovation, Internationalization And Scale Of Women-Owned Businesses

    Nairobi   14 December

    2015      Interpeace:



    makers project:


    Voices of The Founders


    The Salon Series

    in partnership with

    The Future She Deserves:

    • Women & Leadership (birth of Geneva Gender Champions idea)
    • Adolescent Girls' Health
    • Launch of Women, Business & The Law in conjunction                 w/ World Bank Group
    • Girl Be Heard, The Whole Girl


    Geneva Gender Champions:

    Co-Founded w/ UNOG + US Mission

    July 1 Launch

    October 1 Commitments from Champions

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