Women at the Table

We are going to the Paris Peace Forum!

The <A+> Alliance has been selected as one of eighty projects to be showcased at the Paris Peace Forum as examples of new global governance.

We are thrilled to be selected for the Paris Peace Forum, which is held every year on 11-13 November in Paris with the aim to place global governance at the top of the international agenda. The forum acts as both an actor and a platform to advance governance solutions when there are none.

Stakeholders discuss global governance issues and cooperate on solutions through three spaces: 1. Space for Solutions: Presenting solutions for incremental change. All organizations can present their global governance project to a wide variety of stakeholders to showcase results and advance the initiative. 2. Space for Debates: Discussing solutions rather than problems. Stakeholders discuss projects, initiatives, and ideas to address the challenges of our world. 3. Space for Innovations: Developing digital prototypes. Experts help create technological solutions for the world of tomorrow.

Our Alliance Call to Action at the Paris Peace Forum:

Systemic gender, racial and intersectional bias sits at the heart of current Artificial Intelligence (AI) and algorithmic decision-making (ADM) processes. Inclusive AI is designed with inclusion at the core to create new opportunities and correct inequities. Our selected initiative focuses on how new AI/ADM algorithms, models, networks, and systems can have a concrete & positive impact on social problems, improving quality of life and correcting historical exclusion. Prototypes use design justice principles, with the most effective prototypes boasting new public and private sector partnerships to actively innovate and correct historical inequities.

Last modified: February 21, 2022